5 Sex Games For Scorching Hot Foreplay


Foreplay doesn’t have to be the same every time. Check out these sizzling sex games for a new twist on before sex fun!

Everyone loves scorching hot foreplay. Everyone loves sex games. What is the connection between the two? Does scorching hot foreplay and kinky fun sex games really have to be separate? Not by a long shot. Playing sex games is a great way to have amazingly hot and naughty foreplay that will burn your house down! Here are some really naughty sex games that will guarantee you’ll have all the amazing foreplay you can possibly handle!

1. Time Dash

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Get yourself a timer and set it for say 10 minutes. You can play it several different ways after you set the timer. You can, for example say: for ten minutes, we’re only going to make out, or you have to let me give you oral sex for ten minutes nonstop. Or you can just say, we’re going to do everything but have intercourse for ten minutes and stick to that time dash, no matter what.

You’ll have to be firm on that, no pun intended. When that timer goes off, you’ll more than likely go straight to hard core intercourse, anal sex or whatever it is you’re into from that point on, but it’s super important to stick to the time limit no matter what.

2. Foreplay Truth Or Dare

Cliché, yes. Effective? You bet your ass. Sometimes times the classics still work. Truth or dare is pretty simple. You know the game, basically, without me telling you. The main thing to keep in mind is to set up some ground rules. You want to push the erotic envelope and get partners out of their sexual comfort zones, but you don’t want to force them to do something they aren’t down with for one reason or another. Finding the balance between the two is key to having ample amounts of scorching hot foreplay.

3. Naked Twister

I have never finished a game of naked twister. Come to think of it, I don’t know how you actually finish a game of naked twister, but you get the idea. Just a matter of minutes into naked twister, you’re going straight into oral sex, if not outright intercourse. Oh, if I had a nickel for every time I had a 69 on a twister mat, I’d be rich.

4. Slave For A Day

It’s not exactly a board game, but it’s hard to go wrong with “slave for a day” or night. It’s pretty simple: you are your lovers sex slave for a day, or if you don’t want to do the whole day, or you can’t do the whole day, just do it for an evening. Start by stripping naked and getting them naked. Then do whatever your master wants you to, no questions asked (it’s always good to have a safe word as well).

Being submissive to their dominant “master” is usually pretty hot for both people, especially if you are usually in the opposite role in the relationship. The permission and trust it takes to be master or slave creates erotic energy you can cut with a knife. That’s a recipe for scorching hot foreplay if ever there was one.

5. Naked Yoga

Maybe not a game per se, but you should totally do it. You can’t go to a studio to due naked yoga, but you can totally do it in you living room. There are plenty of yoga DVD’s out there and there are now many websites that are offering on demand, streaming yoga classes.

This is awesome, and multitasking at it’s finest. You both get a work out in, and you’re gong to get hot, sweaty, horny and loosened up, all of which will be a great primer for sex.

Seeing each other naked, is hot. Everyone male or female who has gone to a yoga class undoubtedly has fantasized about seeing the person doing downward dog in front of them doing it butt ass naked. Why not give your lover the gift of making that a reality?

It’s super important to finish the entire 90 minute class. Why? The anticipation will send you out of your mind, which you probably saw coming. But regular yoga practice makes men last longer and helps women have orgasms more easily and intensely. And it preps you for sex by loosening up your muscles, tendons and ligaments.

You won’t have any tight spots, no aches and pains at least for a while after you do yoga and that will help you have better sex for longer and all of this is nothing more than scorching hot foreplay. You finish that yoga DVD and you’ll be ready to go straight to the intercourse, no more foreplay needed, but if you wanted to do some foreplay, it’ll be the hottest foreplay action you’ve had in a while.

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