7 Foreplay Tips That Will Bring Your Lover To The Edge


Foreplay can often be more satisfying than the sex itself, because it’s the anticipation that is sweeter than relief. These tricks will drive your partner wild!

Slow, Deep Kissing

No, not the slobbery kind. Making out is a heavily underrated foreplay technique, because it is usually seen as what people do when they’re not sexually active. The truth is, deep and slow kissing is a huge turn on even when you know you’re going to have sex later! Keep your saliva in check, but don’t be afraid to slowly explore your partner’s entire mouth. Nibble their lips and kiss them softly on the mouth before engaging in tongue again. Enjoy it and convey to your partner that you are enjoying it and aren’t in any rush at all.

Rubbing Your Hands All Over Their Body

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This may seem cliche, but most people don’t do this correctly during foreplay. Having your partner rub their hands all over your body can be extremely thrilling – but most of the time, the touch isn’t soft enough to really send chills down your spine. When you go to rub your hands all over their body, don’t use your entire palm. Instead, use only your fingertips and touch your partner only as hard as you might touch a laptop track pad. This soft touch is what will ignite the nerves in your partner’s skin!

Kissing Their Body

You’ll want to take your mouth along the trails that you made with your hands, but again, remember to do this softly. A nibble and a lick here and there is nice during foreplay, but try to use only your lips when you do this. The softness and warmth of your lips without wetness is extremely enticing. Don’t leave any part of their body uncovered by your mouth – go all the way down their legs and back up again, over their tummy and chest, and back up to their neck, chin and arms. You can even use this as a “body mapping” technique by paying attention to which spots they seems to enjoy the most.

Breath Play

When you’re kissing your partner’s entire body is a great time to engage in breath play. Breathe hot air against the area you just kissed, or lick the area and breathe cool air on it to send an icy shiver down your partner’s spine. Breath play is especially effective around the neck area and ear area, and when you’re kissing.

Oral Sex

Oral sex is an essential part of foreplay because it not only conveys a lot of emotion (which is necessary for women), it also creates immense pleasure for both girls and guys. Make sure that your foreplay routine never, ever skips over oral sex. Depending on what you and your partner want to do, you can use oral sex as a tease (don’t bring your partner to orgasm) or you can use it to give your partner an orgasm to prep them for multiples later (this is usually done with women and can make sex absolutely explosive!)

Teasing Penetration

Teasing penetration is an intense form of foreplay that is just as hot for the guy as it is the girl. After you’ve done oral sex, kissing and touching and you’re ready for sex – but not quite ready to give in to the anticipation yet – teasing penetration will keep the fires burning but satisfy your need to be closer to each other. During teasing penetration, the male partner will enter the female’s vagina, but only a little at a time. Short, light thrusts that only put the head in are incredible for both him and her, and either partner can control this. If she wants to tease him, she can hold his hips to prevent him from going in further and if he wants to tease her, he can simply pull out. This form of teasing will almost always end in sex because at some point, the need and desire overwhelms both the man and woman!

Backing Off From Orgasm

If you haven’t completely lost all your senses yet in a cloud of bliss and passion from all the foreplay, you may still want to prolong the actual finale. Tease your partner by reducing the amount of stimulation (whatever it is at this point) when you feel they are close to orgasm – you will also want to do this when you feel like you’re getting close to orgasm. Resume kissing or teasing, until you’re both cooled off enough to continue without reaching orgasm immediately. This time frame will get more narrow as you continue – eventually when you resume sexual activity you’ll blow immediately, or you’ll just get to the point where you’re completely powerless to stop it.

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