How To Play With Her Breasts The Right Way


The breasts and nipples are one of the biggest erogenous zones of the female body. Knowing how to effectively touch, kiss and suck on her breasts and nipples is one of the most essential skills that a guy can learn in the bedroom. One of the biggest complaints that women have is that men are either too rough or too light with their breasts.

Boobs come in all shapes and sizes and nipples are the same way. If you are getting complaints from your girlfriend or wife about the way that you touch her, there a few things that you can do to brighten up her view of your sensitivity with one of the most fun parts of her body. Here is a short guide on how to effectively play with her breasts and nipples.

Recognize Her Sensitivity

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No matter what size or shape your girlfriend has to her breasts or nipples, all have some level of sensitivity. Knowing the amount of sensitivity is essential to playing with them correctly. You should always be careful around her boobs. Have you ever seen a girl that has been hit in the chest with a soccer ball? They react the same way that a guy does when he gets hit in the crotch.

Know that your girlfriend or wife can be extremely turned on by this, but that too much is going to easily turn her off or make her slap you in the face. When you are sucking on them or touching them with your hands, make sure that you are not hurting her. The nipples are the most sensitive area so make the touches or licking very light.

Ask Her What She Wants

The best way to find out what your girlfriend or wife likes is to simply ask her. Asking her how she likes her breasts to be played with might take some of the spontaneity out of situation, but there isn’t a guy out there doesn’t like for their girl to be vocal. Make her get specific when she is telling you what she likes. Implement some dirty talk if need be. Just make sure she is comfortable.

If she tells you that she likes them to played with via your hands, use your hands a little more than your mouth. If she likes it really hard then be sure to do everything you can until you get to the point just below hurting her. Smaller boobs tend to be more sensitive. If your girlfriend has larger breasts, they may still be sensitive, but you shouldn’t go straight to overdrive if she likes it a little harder. Get her to be vocal during the foreplay so you know exactly what she wants.

Give Her An Erotic Massage

Erotic massages are a great way to get her and you turned on right before sex. Use massage oil on her chest and she will start to get turned on instantly. If you’re going to use massage oil it is recommended to put down older sheets. Make sure that the sheets are clean, but don’t use your 1000 count Italian thread sheets with massage oil. This can drip all over the place leaving you with a mess.

Pour the massage oil or lubricant in your hand first and then rub your hands together. This will get the substance warm. The last thing that you want to do is pour cold massage oil on her chest. Apply the oil to her and make circular motions. Work your way from the outside to her nipples. If you see her nipples start to get hard, you know that you’re doing a great job. Again, get her to be vocal with your motions. Ask her what feels good and what she would like you to do. Don’t be shy and tell her that you want to know so it feels best for her.

Use A Lot Of Variety

When you are sucking and licking on her breasts, you want to add a little variety. Don’t just focus on the nipple. While the nipples are the main focal point, all guys are going to go straight for it. Kiss and lick on the top of her  breasts to add more to the experience. The underside of her breasts are a place where most guys forget or forgo. Kissing and licking on the underside, as these places are highly sensitive.

The space between her breasts is also a great place to kiss and lick as this is not touched on a normal basis. Vary the amount of pressure you put on them when you are squeezing and you should see her trying to catch her breath. Above all, do what she likes for the best results possible.

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