What Men REALLY Think About Your Breasts


Breasts are something lots of guys love – or do they? What’s too big? Or too small? Here’s what guys truly think about your ta-tas.

If men are constantly worried about their penis size, it’s only fair to assume that women have an equivalent with their breasts. Breasts can be just as much of an obsession as men have with their penis, but the difference lies in the fact that a woman’s breast size is somewhat visible from the outside whereas a man’s penis is not. If you are worried about what guys think about your breasts you should get the full truth. Most these statements may take you for surprise.

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No man is alike, but there are some commonalities among them all. Here are a few things that men really think about your breasts.

1. Small Breasts

Here is a huge secret that men will actually admit to. They don’t necessarily care about small breasts. Some men even enjoy smaller breasts. The majority of men think that anything over a handful is just a waste. Think of it this way, do you really want a guy with a 20” big penis? You might consider your breasts small if you have an A or B cup, but some men simply don’t care about this.

There are a few classifications that guys can fall into: breast guys and butt guys. Some men want a girl with really big boobs and some men want a girl with a great butt. If you are self-conscious about your breasts, find a guy that enjoys you for you.

2. Fake Breasts

There are a lot of doctors out there that offer breast implant surgeries. These doctors might even claim that there will be no scarring or visibility of the implant. Men find that women with fake breasts do not feel comfortable in their own skin. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have look like a bleach blonde porn star to get the guy of your dreams. Some men fantasize about a girl with giant fake breasts, but they don’t really want to spend a life with them.

There is a big difference between fantasy and love. Fake breasts are a sign of fantasy. Guys want girls that are real and that means real sizing. If you have been thinking about fake breasts, consider the ramifications of having the surgery.

3. Big Breasts

One of the biggest issues with a woman’s self image is her breasts. If you have really big breasts then it’s only natural to be concerned about sagging. No girl wants to have saggy grandma boobs, but this can’t always be helped. If you have big breasts and they are started to sag there are a few things that you can do. Push-ups can do wonders to sagging breasts. Strengthening the muscles underneath can be a free alternative to having a breast lift.

You can also start to do yoga. The exercises in yoga are designed to tone your body. This will increase muscle mass enough so you don’t look like a beast. If your boobs are still sagging, you might want to talk to a doctor about having a breast reduction.

4. The Right Size

There is a lot of debate about the right size of breasts. For the most part, having a breast size in the B’s or C’s is not going to affect your self image. If you have something that is either below or above this, then you must chalk it up to individuality. It doesn’t matter if a guy tells you how much he loves your breasts. If you aren’t happy with yourself, then you will never believe him. Focus on what makes you the person that you are.

This has nothing to do with breast size. The media has trained women to believe that breast size is what matters and if you have small ones you have to get implants. However, if you look at women on television, the majority of them do not have giant breasts. They are average sized because this is the average.

5. Men Are Shallow

Men are shallow. I don’t think that this is some huge revelation. If a guy doesn’t want to be with you because your breasts aren’t big enough or aren’t small enough then he’s not the kind of guy that you want to be with either. Talk to your guy and believe him when he says that your breasts are just the right size for him.

If he loves you for who you are then your breasts are just a part of that. Don’t get wrapped up in a guy that is harping on size. Be yourself and love yourself for everything that makes you the girl that he wants to be with.

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