How To Drive Her INSANE With Soft & Hardcore Dirty Talk!


Dirty talk can be done anytime during the sexual dance, but we’ll discuss it here as part of sex talk before intercourse.

Dirty talk gives an expectation, an idea or a come-on for your partner. Its purpose is to create naughty pictures and generate dirty thoughts in your lover’s mind. And you do this through highly descriptive, highly sensual language.

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Your job is to create a picture she can almost see, hear, feel, taste and smell.

Dirty talk provides an avenue for rush. Civil society has always had a rebellious streak and it is human nature to feel a high engaging in something naughty, prohibited or frowned upon. It makes us feel so alive doing something we’re not supposed to. And the very idea of getting away with it, makes us feel superior, which makes it even hotter!

Be warned though – many find dirty talk hot, but not everybody is a big fan. Some find it inappropriate, lewd and down right offensive – like listening to someone dragging fingernails on a chalkboard. This is very important as the same statement can be effective or offensive, depending on your skill, timing and the woman you’re with.

Sensual Softcore

It’s the world of Double Meanings & Sexual Innuendoes – a good set-up before the step up, perhaps something to get her warmed-up at the office, or even a few steps outside the bedroom door.

We know what a ‘banana’ is, but we also know it suggests things other than the fruit monkeys live for. She need not say: I wanna slide your cock in my mouth. She can just hint that she wants a taste of your banana. A woman may feel icky at the word “cock,” but she’ll have no qualms expressing desire for ‘banana.’ The resulting ambiguity serves as major turn-on.

Because of double meanings, hot dogs and buns become something else. Balls, First Base & Home Run put on meanings not even remotely related to sports.

And the thing is, the double meaning potential need not be obvious. In fact, it need not be there at all! Sexual innuendos prove that anything can be made “dirty.” Yes, anything! Even trivial stuff like can openers, catfish, toothpaste, and the moon & the stars – all these can be made dirty. Simply back them up with a sexy tone, lascivious look, heavy breathing, puckered lips, a mischievous wink, a knowing smile, a tongue sweeping across the lips etc. Anything you pair with these can become dirty. With softcore, it’s not so much the precise words as it is the manner you deliver them. Because you can scream “pussy” all day and your girl still thinks you’re referring to some cat.

Deliciously Naughty Hardcore

Softcore is suggestive, hardcore is explicit – it doesn’t say ‘banana,’ it says ‘dick’ or some other slang. It doesn’t hesitate, stall, or curtsy. It is often blunt, direct, and often carries the themes of dominance, authority, aggression and possession. It is declaring what you want and delivering it in the most evocative manner. Hardcore simply lets the listener deal with the real thing. This is not the time for rainbows, flowers and butterflies – it is speaking with license.

Banned from public discourse, hardcore dirty talk can make Grandma Lily faint. It’s very effective in that it lets you almost feel the words – therein lies its diabolical power. Because it is direct, hardcore gives a woman a more vivid picture.

Softcore and hardcore dirty talk have their parts to play in the sexual game. Just as hardcore is ineffective in the early goings, softcore  can be too wussy or even inappropriate in the heat of things.

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