Dirty Talk Phrases You NEVER Want To Use!


Dirty talk can really spice up your sex life, but there are just some things that are off limits when it comes to talking dirty Never use these phrases! Dirty talk is a must have in any hot and steamy sexual encounter, from a quickie to a long term relationship. A little dirty talk can go a long way, but the wrong dirty talk phrases can take the relationship straight to nowheresville.

What She Said About Dirty Talk:

There are some sick and twisted people out there in the world that like the raunchiest, dirtiest, nastiest phrases. There are also some super sexy, highly sexual people who do not say a word during sex. I think dirty talk is something that should be explored in little steps to gauge what your partner is into. Moans are always a good way to start and then you can move on to describing what you want done or what you want to do to your partner. If all this seems to make the sex hotter then by all means take it up a notch (if it gets you hot too). But, there are a few grey areas when it comes to dirty sex.

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These grey areas are lines that when crossed can make hot dirty talk turn terribly disgusting.

For starters, a dirt talk phrase that I would never want to use or hear is anything “family” oriented. This is any use of the nicknames “mommy,” “daddy,” “brother,” “sister,” “grandpa”. ICK. It’s one thing to be joking while out and call your man “Daddy.” But is something entirely different when you do it while he is banging you. There are a handful of guys who do get off on that but most likely these are also the guys that like to wear adult diapers and want to be breast fed.

Speaking of diapers, and sort of baby talk or goo-gooing is defiantly a no no. There is nothing sexy about a guy talking to you like he is a baby or like you are a puppy dog.

On the flip side, you don;t want to use dirty talk phrases that are too clinical sounding. I would steer clear of any phrase like, “Stick your penis in my vagina.” or “Lick my mammary glands” Ok, I know these samples are extreme but just in case you are a moron and don’t know any better don’t sound like a 7th grade Sex Ed class. But do feel free to role play some naughty catholic school girl and dirty principle fantasies!

What He Said About Dirty Talk:

The first dirty talk phrases you should never want to use are the ones that are deal breakers for your partner(s). Some women may be okay with being called a slut. Some may punch you when they hear that. You typically will have to have a sit down (clothes on) to negotiate the dirty talk phrases you will use. She may want to call you think you may not like and vice versa. Some compromise and give and take will happen. Sort through all that first and foremost before you do anything else.

After that, I would say the next dirty talk phrase you want to avoid using is anything that makes her feel to used and vulgar. A lot of people are into that, but you’ll want to make sure that after you’re done getting naughty she doesn’t feel cheap or used or like a whore.

While you’re doing it, that’s totally fine and even expected and healthy, but afterwards if she’s feeling like a piece of meat, that’s not cool. When she puts her clothes on, she should feel good about what you all just did and super eager to take them off again.

Also, avoid dirty talk phrases that sound like they came from a raunchy teen sex comedy or porn. You should avoid the former because they’re usually uttered by characters who don’t know what they are doing sexually and this is heightened for comedic effect. You also want to avoid comments used by the latter because there are things you can say and do in porn that just have no basis in reality whatsoever.

If you’re going to bust out your dirty talk in the heat of the moment instead of negotiating them first, I would suggest starting small, and relatively safe and less naughty. Try it and see what he/she does and how they respond. You never want to go big and bold too fast. The dirty talk phrases you never want to use are the ones the ones that will get you cut off and cut out the sexy fun time for good.

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