Foreplay 101 for HIM


When it comes to foreplay, most articles out there are on foreplay tips for the benefit of women. However, you should know that if you treat your boyfriend/husband/lover to some great foreplay tricks of your own, you’ll be a sex goddess in his eyes because his orgasm will be extremely more powerful than before!

So, the next time you guys have sex, don’t be one of the women out there who ‘nag’ they don’t get enough foreplay. Instead, surprise him with pre-play moves that will make him treat you like a sex queen.

Foreplay Tip #1: Peak-a-Boo

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Men are such visual creatures. Show them a nude photo, and blood gushes to their member. Hmmm, so what about presenting him with not just a nude photo of yourself but simply you, 100% nude.

How best to do it: Let us count the ways… try any of the tips below.

  • Just as he’s nice and comfy in bed, walk into the room in your birthday suit. (By the way, make sure your nipples are erect when you do this. Instant hard on!)
  • While fooling around in bed, straddle him and then slowly but surely, take off pieces of your clothing. You can torture him further by say, removing your bra, giving a glimpse of your nipples and then covering yourself up again. Agony!
  • Give him something to REALLY look at. Why settle for WALKING around naked when you can bend, twist, and turn yourself in various ways that he won’t believe what he’s seeing even if you’re right in front of him.

For the last tip be sure he gets to see everything but won’t be able to touch. Feed his eyes and maybe even his sense of smell… but don’t let him touch you. At least, not until he begs for it.

Foreplay Tip #2: Breathe On It

I bet you didn’t know how sexy and arousing your very own steamy breath on his exposed skin can be. The reason behind this is that your warm breathe will cause a temperature change on his skin, which in turn increases sexual arousal.

How best to do it: Engage in foreplay. When he’s already warm and aroused, go down and position your slightly parted lips to a sensitive area of his body such as his inner thighs, belly button, or the side of his neck, and then exhale your warm breathe on that spot.

You can also try the link-and-breathe approach. For example, lick the side of his neck and then exhale lightly on it. (Personally, my boyfriend loves it when I lick his lips and then exhale on it.) Another thing to try this trick on: lick his nipples and blow on it!

Now, go down and with his erect manhood standing mighty proud in front of your face, blow a steady jet of warm breath on his penis from top to bottom. Mind-blowing!

Foreplay Tip #3: Hustle!

Ok, so by now you know that both men and women will benefit greatly with a lot of foreplay. However, there is a difference; while women tend to go for slow seduction foreplay techniques; men tend to want more vigorous pre-play sessions.

I guess this is because most men tend to look at women as the ‘shy’ or ‘less animalistic’ one in bed. As such, if you unleash a more ‘raw’ you in bed, your man will be turned on all the more by this new, slightly more sexually aggressive you. You see, men take female aggressiveness in bed as assign of pure lust, which further fuels their desire. Besides, it’s A LOT of fun to be the one in control in bed every now and then, right?

How best to do it: Tonight, don’t be the timid one. Be the one to approach him and initiate sex. Be the one to kiss him roughly. And last, but definitely not the least, be the one to command what sex positions you guys should engage in.

For example, if he’s angling to go down on you, change sex positions and go down on him instead! OR maneuver in bed in such a way that he doesn’t go down on you but you sit on his face instead. Further, if he’s angling for the missionary, go ahead and beat him to it by going woman-on-top. And don’t just do the usual woman-on-top (where you face him), do reverse cow-girl where you face his feet.

I guarantee he won’t know what hit him in bed… but he’ll like it!

Foreplay Tip # 4: Tantalizing Touch

True, all men desire to have your lovely hands on their members but your lover can also receive a few other types of touches not just down there but all over his body. You see, men require a lot of hands-on stimulation and it should not necessarily all be focused on his penis.

How best to do it: Tonight, mix up your touchy feely moves. Flatten your palms and grope him all over. The warmth of your palms should make him feel warm all over too. Feel free to grab him too. For instance, run your palms all over his chest, reach down, reach back, and then grab a handful of his buttocks!

When he’s already undressed, run your palms slightly roughly across his chest and then very gently caress his erect nipples with your flat palms. The rough and then gentle approach will surely drive him wild!

You can also opt to need his back with long hand strokes or graze his sides gently with your fingernails. Mix up the sensations and he’ll be sexually dazzled he won’t know what to expect.

Foreplay Tip # 5: Push Him to the Brink

Nothing can be more sexually mind-blowing than ALMOST reaching a climax, ebbing, and then being brought up to that ‘almost there’ high again. Yes, tease your man tonight until he literally begs you for release.

How best to do it: Show him how romantic you are by drawing an imaginary heart shape over his groin with your lips! Trace the outline of his groin slowly by planting kisses and/or using your tongue. This will make him focus and pay sole attention to his groin. Now, perform fellatio. Just when you sense he’s nearing his release… let go of his member and go back to your lazy heart shape drawing again!

To up the ante, ride him for all you’re worth. And just when he – or you! – are about to come, let go and engage in some hot, passionate kissing. Then go back up on that horse again for the next round!

For Added Pre-Play Pleasure, Try These Toys

Following is a list of unusual sexual stimulants that you may want to try too to add more fun to your foreplay.

Snapshots. Let him play with is camera and snap a picture of you… naked… while on top of him.

Wigs. Walk into the bedroom with nothing on but a completely different wig. He’ll think you’re somebody else… and you get to be somebody else in bed too.

Stockings. Bondage sounds such a harsh word. Tonight, wear a sheer body suit and as he peels it off your body, whisper something like “honey, why don’t you tie my hands and show me who’s my daddy?”.

RED, very red lipstick. I know what you’re thinking, draw lazy circles and cute heart shapes all over his body, right? You can do that… OR write down dirty words all over his body. I bet your man prefers the latter!

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