2 Ways To Undress A Woman


Foreplay begins before a girl even has her clothes off. Use one of these two ways to strip her down so the foreplay leads into something even more exciting!

1. The Orange Model

This has something to do with tearing clothes off a woman’s body. It’s fast, furious, with severed buttons lying all over. It comes without warning, is swift and unforgiving of any delays. The goal is to unveil booty in the soonest possible time.

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The Orange Model is one of intensity, all energy channeled to ultimately getting skin-to-skin contact, which usually happens during frenzied love-making where partners won’t tolerate even a single centimeter of physical separation. It’s frantic and frenetic.

Everything happens so fast. Snap! And all clothes scatter on the floor.

When all the gloves are off, what’s really there to do next? It’s the dead end in stripping as you can’t strip her skin no more. When you’re staring at a naked woman’s body with your naked eye, there’s no room left for the imagination. Everything is right there!

Now, you’re visually confirming if she’s cut and curved in all the right places. There’s little room for teasing, because the desire to behold hidden assets has been indulged.

Am I saying that the Orange Model sucks? Not at all. The good thing about it is that it’s FAST. The poor thing about it is that it’s FAST. You have to decide what’s both practical and beneficial for a particular situation.

2. The Onion Model

This model luxuriates with time – the process is likened to skinning an onion.

This is in contrast to peeling an orange where you only deal with a single layer of skin, and voila, the meat is exposed. Peeling an orange requires boldness and tenacity as you tear it’s relatively thick skin. But the onion is a little different. A little tenderness and patience is required because you can’t get to the heart of an onion in one bold stroke. You peel its numerous layers, gradually exposing its core.

(Here, stripping is not taken for granted. Just think of it. Stripping is an art as well as a multi-billion dollar industry. Men actually pay ridiculous amounts of money in strip clubs just to witness clothes unwrap a woman, never mind that they never get to touch her.)

In the Onion Model, clothes aren’t simply skimmed over, stripping is celebrated in & of itself. It is mildly paced and elegantly executed – in contrast to the fierce and intense manner of the Orange.

When you de-fashion a woman, you are taking away something that attracted you to her in the first place. How else could a man be interested in what’s under there if her packaging isn’t right? Was it not her foxy red dress that sparked your fancy?

But what do most men do?

They attack clothes like archenemies, like bumps to triumph over. Give a moment’s hint of privacy, and they raid like a SWAT Team and finish de-styling proceedings in-between heartbeats.

Easy Junior!

When you peel a woman so hastily, you miss on the joys and tensions of undressing her. You throw all that opportunity away! And for what? Of course we know for what! It’s got something to do with breasts and stuff. But hey, do you have the faintest idea how fun undressing a girl can be?! If not, then it’s probably because you’ve never looked at it as a process.

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