5 Red Hot Tips To Get Him Hard In SECONDS!


Foreplay isn’t just for girls – it’s an essential component in giving a man a ROCK hard erection! Use these mammoth-hard-on inducing foreplay tips TONIGHT!

Before you and your man are going to ravage each other beneath the sheets, in the kitchen, in the shower or wherever you both end up getting naughty, you have to get your man in the mood and ready to go. Foreplay is crucial to how your sex session will play out that night and if you want to make it a memorable one for your man, you better make sure he is ready and raring to go.

How Much Is Enough?

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A lot of women assume that just stroking your man a few times and kissing him passionately is going to be enough. It might be enough for him physically to get aroused but women often forget that men need that mental stimulation as well. Not only does getting him aroused mentally help with his stamina and arousal, but it also helps to give him a mind blowing orgasm at the end of it.

Slow And Steady

Pacing is key when it comes to pleasing your man in the bedroom. If you move too fast, you run the risk of slipping up and causing him some pain. Not only that, but if you move too fast, you can also cause his stamina to become effected in a negative way, making sex a less than enjoyable experience for you.

With the right pacing, starting off slow and gradually increasing stimulation, you are on the right path to getting him rock hard and ready for far more fun. This also plays an important role in any stimulation you choose. Whether you are touching him, talking to him, rubbing him, or licking him, you always want to start off slow and end strong.

Confidence Is Key

You can’t expect your man to be drooling over you and begging for more if you don’t believe that you are capable of doing just that. Without confidence, you are like a deer in headlights in the bedroom and that surely isn’t going to get your man rock hard in a matter of seconds.

If you really want to get him going and wanting you bad, you need to believe in yourself and your sexuality. Most men would agree that the sexiest quality about a woman is her confidence. The more a woman knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it, the more a man loves her. Men love women who aren’t afraid to have the power and to work it to their advantage.

Go Down On Him

A lot of women assume that once you go down on a man, you had better finish or else you aren’t giving him the total satisfaction that he is craving. This is incorrect. Of course, if you are using oral sex as the main event for the evening and the only stimulation that you plan on giving him, naturally you will want to make sure that he has an orgasm.

However, if you plan on doing way more to him over the course of the night, you can most definitely use a blowjob as precursor to sex. Feeling your warm lips all over his most sensitive area will easily get him rock hard in seconds. Plus, this is an unconventional way of getting your man going for foreplay. His whole idea of foreplay might change just because of this.

Make His Fantasies Come True

Every man would be lying if he didn’t say that he had a fantasy of having his own private striptease show. Men like going to see women strip for a reason – it turns them on. Maybe he isn’t looking to get pleasure from a stripper but guaranteed that woman up on stage is making him feel something between his legs. If you really want to surprise him and get him going in seconds, getting in touch with your inner bad girl and putting on a secret strip show for him is just what the doctor ordered.

Dirty Talk

You’d be surprised to know how useful your voice can be in the bedroom. Too many women refrain from being vocal in the bedroom and that is a true shame. You can easily get your man aroused in seconds just from whispering something sexy and seductive into his ear. Pressing your body against him, and saying something along the lines of “I can’t wait to taste you later” will surely get him going.

Having confidence will help in this tip but once you can hone in on your sexual confidence, you can use your voice to do all sorts of things to him. Remember how much men love women who are unafraid to say what they want and to get it so be that woman for him and he will have something waiting for you underneath those pants.

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