8 Sizzling Foreplay Techniques


Foreplay is a must for incredible sex, but it’s important to mix it up. Check out these super hot foreplay suggestions for a night of amazing passion!

1. Cup Her Vulva

Using the heel of your palm as your guide, place it on her mons so that the upper palm (the inside of your lowest finger knuckles) is directly over her clitoris, and your fingers curl down over her lips. Just this light pressure should feel very good for her and the warmth from your hand may be enough to begin to arouse her.

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You can take it one big step further from here with a light massaging motion. First, press with the heel of your hand, then the palm, then the fingers. This stimulates her mound, clitoris and labia in a continuous wave. Explore different pressures and speeds to gauge her reaction.

2. Beat Of The Drum

From the same position as described above, raise your palm up and slide the heel of your hand back just a bit so that it rests on her pubic bone. With your fingers curled, drum your fingertips gently along the mound without touching the clit or labia directly.

The vibrations from your light tapping will stimulate her entire vulva and wake up her skin, sending a signal to her clitoris to prepare for the more intense vibrations to come. Hopefully, this elicits some sighs or moans from her, but if not be sure to keep an eye out for signs of swelling, redness and lubrication to indicate her arousal.

3. Rumble In The Jungle

This impressive move could literally convince her you’ve brought a vibrator to bed, especially if she’s blindfolded – and is likely to be a favorite for getting her close to her first Big O. You might even be able to take her right over the edge with this, so if she is multi-orgasmic (or wants to be) you should try this one on for size.

Based on the last two moves, this is an extra intense technique that you may not be able to do for very long at one time, so make sure she’s already turned on before you whip this out.

Once you are in the cupping position described above, you are going to keep light pressure throughout your whole hand and wriggle it back and forth. You can start slow, but you want to warm up to a good speed. Don’t move your arm at all. Your hand should move very little and if you aren’t used to the muscle movements, you may tire out quickly. To avoid cramping up, practice your moves beforehand so you have an idea of what muscle groups you are going to be working out and how long you can keep it up.

4. Her Easy Button

Turn around to face her. From between her thighs, you have full access to her genitals and can bring her to orgasm with a great view! This first move might not be enough to bring her to a clitoral orgasm, but it will stimulate the shaft buried deep inside and help open her up for penetration. If you want to try for a vaginal or combo orgasm, this is a great way to get started.

Without opening her lips, reach your thumb between them and find the clitoral hood, at the top of the cleft of her inner labia. With your thumb above the clitoral hood you should be able to feel her clitoris through its protective covering.

If she is very turned on, it might swell or pulse under your touch. Briefly, but firmly, press the pad of your digit directly on top of the clitoris, for no more than four seconds or until she starts to squirm or squeal. Release and give her some time to recover.

The building pressure under your thumb stimulates the internal stem of the clitoris.

5. The Metronome

Playing some sexy beats in the background can be a big help during sex, especially for techniques like those I’ve already mentioned. It works particularly well for this one as well. Regular rhythms allow her to tune in to the resonant frequency of your movement and ride it all the way to orgasm, so when you are tapping, drumming, pressing or pumping at regular intervals, use some tunes to keep rhythm, so she can really get into your groove.

This particular tip involves tapping on the clitoris with the index or middle finger, rather than pressing with the thumb.

6. Wax On, Wax Off

A great way to ease into parting the vaginal lips, so as to get a closer look at the clit, is with labia massage. Curl your hands and rest the backs of your fingers against the cleft of her inner thighs. Turning your hands slightly, slowly stroke the entire length of the outer labia, back and forth,using the pads of your thumbs along.

As she becomes lubricated, you can blow lightly on her vulva, cooling the wet areas with shocking pleasure. If she doesn’t get lubricated enough to wet her inner lips and clit, use your tongue to get her nice and slick, before giving her a puff of intense air to send a shiver down her spine.

7. Ring Around The Rosie

You can try this vulva massage technique using your thumbs, or your index and middle finger together like a little wand. Massage in an oval around the top of her mons, which will stimulate her clit, then down one side of her outer labia, across her perineum (don’t penetrate her just yet) and back up the other side of the labia.

The second time around, imagine her vulva is differentiated like the face of a clock, and at each “number” along the way, pause and make three small circles. Try again with more circles and see if you can determine where – say 2 and 10 o’clock – she really responds to stimulation. This is the perfect way to find her hottest spots for touching later, with fingers or tongue.

8. U-Turn

The U-Spot can be an incredibly sensitive spot, so you don’t want to go touching it with your bare fingers until she is well lubricated. Make sure you have some lube on hand if you want to try this technique.

Spread her outer lips apart from above while facing her directly. Use your other hand to gently separate her inner labia and look for her urethra, the small spot between her vagina and her clitoris. If you can’t see it immediately, lick her with just the tip of your tongue over this location, without touching her clit or penetrating her. When stimulated, this little spot may become erect, but if not you will be able to tell when you hit it by her squeals of delight!

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