Dirty Tips For Great Sex!


Foreplay is the cornerstone of creating an intense sexual experience for a woman. Use these foreplay suggestions for incredible sex!

Have you ever wondered how you could become a better lover in bed? Not the kind who seeks to pleasure himself, but one who goes out of his way to make sure his lover gets her sexual fulfillment first. So what are the secrets to becoming a sex stud that possesses this inherent, natural ability to pleasure any woman at will?

Emotions Are The Lifeline Of A Woman’s Sexual Fulfillment

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Emotions play a vital role in ensuring that a woman is sexually fulfilled. So how do you leverage on her emotional repository and give her the most tantalizing sexual experience? The secret lies in building anticipation. This is where women are fundamentally different from men. Guys are ready to mount and thrust right away during sex and get off at a moment’s notice. Women are different. They prefer a slow build-up to sex. This is how they are biologically wired. And it is not their fault that most women take at least 10 to 15 minutes to reach an orgasm (compared to just 4 minutes or less for most guys).

So don’t jump the gun when it comes to sex. It is probably the worst thing you can do during lovemaking.

The Art Of Teasing Women Into Erotic Anticipation

Women loved to be teased. If you want to become a masterful lover in bed, you have to learn how to tease. Make her curious about what you are going to do to her next. Keep her guessing. This will keep her on her toes and bring her sexual emotions to an erotic boil. This makes sex far more exciting, titillating and challenging for the both of you.

Okay, Teasing Is Easy – Or So You Think!

The art of sexual teasing is based on the “push and pull” concept. What do I mean? This means you bring her to a state of heightened anticipation, and then pull away or strategically back off from what she would expect you to do next. For example, if you are undressing her, stop halfway and then proceed to kiss her. When she is expecting you to perform oral sex on her after some heavy foreplay, turn your attention to her breasts instead. Tenderly move AROUND her hot buttons, not ON them.

This sensual art of unpredictability will add plenty of sizzle and excitement in the bedroom. A slow sensuous build-up of sexual anticipation will soon turn into a frenzied sexual craving for you to perform the actual deed on her.

Guys, if you want her to have a genuine screaming orgasm during sex, this is the secret behind it! Your bedroom will never be the same again once you learn this.

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