How Time Distortion Can RUIN Foreplay!


Foreplay is essential, but are you really spending long enough on it? Probably not, even though you think you ARE. Here’s why!

What Is This Thing With Time?

When you’re sitting in on a lecture or a company meeting, you might think you’ve been sitting there for hours. It drones on and on, and you’re completely certain you’ve wasted your entire day. Then, when you break for lunch, you realize you’ve only been there 45 minutes. This, my friends, is known as the distortion of time.

What Does It Have To Do With Foreplay?

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When a woman complains about that lame foreplay, a guy might think: “What?! I’ve been down here giving her oral sex for almost an hour. My tongue is tired, my mouth is dry, and I have only 4 hours of sleep left. I have blue balls bouncing all over. And she still wants more?!”

Okay, first of all, he hasn’t been down there for almost an hour. It may have felt like 60 minutes, but it’s really more like 3. He thinks he’s the world’s most indulgent lover, pampering partner with extensive, soul-reaching oral sex and foreplay, or so he thought. He’s been played.

How can he be guilty? He’s been a true gentleman, always considerate of her needs.

But many fellas are in for a nasty surprise. A guy can be sincere, but he can also be sincerely wrong. What he thought was enough, wasn’t really much at all.

How Your Attitude Can Make It Worse

The fact that guys are acting like school children in anguish for the bell on a Friday afternoon doesn’t help at all. They’re thinking way ahead, imagining how good it would feel to be inside her, picturing her innocent face when he starts penetrating her.

But that’s not great sex!

Great sex is a moment by moment experience!

For example, when you kiss, think ONLY of her lips. Close your eyes and feel the suppleness of them. Gently explore her upper set, playfully bite her lower lip. Proceed to the sides where both meet. Notice it’s much thinner there. Probe the fleshy inner part of her smackers where it’s warmer and smoother. Feel how her lips transform when she smiles while kissing. How does that feel? Breathe deeply, inhaling her soul. Do this without care for time or the future.

And that’s just for the lips! We’re not even dealing with dynamite stuff here. But you won’t appreciate these details if your mind is somewhere else.

Your effectiveness lies where your focus is, so don’t ever think of anything else except what you’re doing IN THE MOMENT. When you nuzzle, think only of that and nuzzle your way into her entire body. Focus only on that. Focus, and your senses will reward you with awareness that’ll blow your mind. You’ll dawn to the realization that you were missing so much just because you were always out of the moment.

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