How To Play With Her Breasts


Foreplay can be anything you want it to be, but must guys go after a woman’s breasts. Here’s how to do it so you turn your lover on even more!

Guys Love Breasts!

Call them boobs, knockers, tits, titties, jugs, rack, the twins, juggies, hooters, bazookas or bazongas – call them anything you want – they all refer to the magical pair of breasts that has an enthralling effect in every straight male. Who can fathom their mystery? Who can unveil the allure behind those twin peaks? They take our breaths away – and why can’t we stop talking to them?

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Perhaps because they were once a source of life at a young and innocent past, breast obsession could just be a misunderstood homage to childhood. Well, perhaps not. I know of guys who were never breastfed as babies but still spend their evenings waiting for that 2-second breast exposure in those late night TV specials.

Breasts remain hot even when there’s a baby sucking and having a meal off it!

What’s up with that? What’s this fixation with bodacious peaks?

Even women don’t know why. “They’re just mammalian protuberances! Every human being has them, and ultimately, they’re just a lump of fat. So what’s the fuss,” they’ll say. However, it’s interesting to note that this hasn’t stop many of them ladies to visit their friendly doctor and have some work done – making breast augmentation a multi-billion dollar industry.

Don’t Ignore Her Breasts During Foreplay

A woman certainly doesn’t want to be man-handled by a sloppy and callused partner. They’re just breasts, but they’re HER breasts! So treat her knockers just like you want your balls treated – painlessly. She’ll cry foul if you get overly nasty with her tatas. Rummaging them like a pirate laying claim to some treasure, most guys immediately grab and suck – but believe you me, there many other ways of skinning the cat.

Pay attention to the areas around the breasts. Those zones ABOVE, BELOW & at the SIDES. Treat them as Base Camps. Begin your assault of the peak by giving them extensive amounts of oral and manual indulgence. Give them a breath of warm air, run your fingers around.

Why? Uhhh… Because it feels nice.

Here’s the thing. She knows where you’re going next – every man, after-all, wants to go on a nipple pilgrimage. But by kindling the areas around her knockers first, you’re not only signaling your intentions, you’re also heightening her awareness of it. She knows you’re going there, but she doesn’t know WHEN. And she can’t explain why the heck you’re not there yet. It’s a crafty tension building move.

Getting To The Nipples

There are several ways of doing this esteemed ascent to the nipple. You can choose to engage by licking or caressing in a spiraling course, imagining that her nipple is at the center of the spiral. You can execute backward and forward spirals, going back & forth, getting nearer each time.

You can also start from below the breast for example, and head in a straight line towards the peak, up to the Areolar Area (dark area surrounding the nipples), BARELY BUT PURPOSELY MISSING the nipple itself, and continuing up. Go very light, as if your lips/fingers are simply hovering over her areola. Do a reverse by plunging and barely missing the nipple once again as you continue downward. Well, you get the idea.

Details like this might make little sense to you, but to your lover, it’ll make for a wonderful foreplay experience. While others act like gluttonous babies diving for her nipples at first sight, it’s a little different with you, and a lot more exciting.

Every time you take a step back, you’re actually piggy-backing on what all the guys from her past failed to do, separating yourself from the rest. If she has given herself to several men prior to you she’ll be thinking, “Why isn’t my nipple in his mouth yet?”

Eventually, you’re going to have to ravage her nipple. You know you deserve to. So suck and lick it good. Suck and lick to your heart’s content. Flick it, go around and over. Bite it like marshmallow. Grab the other breast (there are TWO! Remember SYMMETRY?) and bring those raisins to a reunion. Lick between, suck them together, bite them both.

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