How To Tease Your Girl Into An Orgasmic FRENZY!


Foreplay is essential every time you have sex! You want to tease and play with your lover as much as possible before getting down to business – here’s how!

Ever since she experienced it from the boys on the playground, a woman relishes the thought of being teased. That tension between bad boy and innocent girl was challenging and it was exciting! And, although she may not readily admit it, it was kind of fun. Looking back, she realizes that she loved it.

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What took place at the playground must also unfold in the bedroom – the adult playground.

Thwarting Her Power Over You

Women, especially the desirable ones, often find that they can easily manipulate guys into doing anything, absolutely anything they want. What she wants, she gets – immediately and without question. – without her working for it. If she wants a kiss, boy-toy here would only be too happy to comply. Why would he wait, he’s only been waiting for that moment for like 2 months! Guess who’s the doggy and who’s the master in this dynamic?

It’s very important that you not only learn what women want, but HOW NOT TO GIVE IT TO THEM IMMEDIATELY!

That’s teasing!

Teasing During Oral Sex

In oral sex for example, don’t immediately dive and spar with her clitoris. That’s what most guys do during foreplay, but you’re not most guys. Start with her inner thighs, before moving to the general area of the vulva, accidentally touching the clitoris a few times. Eventually, zero in on the clitoris. During the build-up phase, you can even STEP BACK and leave it for a while and get busy with something else. Then later, come back. It’s a back & forth, push-pull technique.

The same thing happens with stuff like kissing, massages, penetration etc. Don’t jump to the good stuff, delay the good stuff. The sensual man doesn’t see this as delayed gratification – it is prolonged pleasure.

But why do we tease in the first place?

Why It’s Important To Do It EVERY TIME

Let me make this very clear. We do not tease because we can, we tease because we should. It’s not an ego-tripping power play used to punish a girl. We employ it for effect. If you want incredible sex, you cannot afford to miss on teasing.

We make women wait so they will come to appreciate what we give, when we give it. And this thing goes beyond sex, by the way. For example, how do you make house guests appreciate the dinner you serve? You make them sit & sit & wait so long ‘til they get so hungry they’ll literally harvest what you set on the table.

Teasing raises the value of what you offer, by setting it temporarily & slightly out of reach, you increase wanting. People don’t desire what comes easily. Anything that comes effortlessly is easily taken for granted. People want what they can’t have – this is the basic law of human nature.

When It Goes Overboard

But here’s a warning: Extended foreplay is great, up to a point. There’s a calibrated point where it ceases to become motivational and instead becomes punitive. It needs to be operated on an optimum level, going beyond that simply decreases effectiveness and produces a negative result. One has to strike balance to the art.

There comes a point when she knows, for her ego’s sake, the begging has to stop and she won’t play the game anymore. You’ve proven to be so much work, and you ain’t worth it. You’ve gone overboard, little fella. Use push and pull properly. If the lady sees she’s going to be denied everything anyway, she will stop asking.

Be Good At What You Do

The counterpoint for teasing is the PLEASING. You have to give her MORE than she bargained for, especially if she has proven herself to you. If you love foreplay, and are quite effective at it, you better be great with the actual pleasing part.

You can’t have her hang in there waiting for a kiss, only to get the sloppiest smooch ever! When you make her wait, you better make sure you’re worth it. Otherwise she’d think, “What?! That’s it?!”

You master the PLEASING by continually learning. Keep learning about your woman and make your game tight by understanding her preferences. I guarantee that you’ll be making tons of mistakes. Who cares?! Soon enough, you’ll be so good she’ll do anything just to be with you. Perhaps initially, like with a new partner, you won’t have much leverage with teasing. That’s normal, she is not yet aware of what you’re made of. But over time, when she sees your mettle, she’ll move heaven and earth just to experience you. I’m serious, please prepare for this eventuality.

When To Do What She Asks

One last thing, when she’s barking instructions like “Faster! Faster!”“Harder! Harder!”or “a little bit to the left” – it’s better to simply heed the request. There’s no point in delaying these kind of things. This usually happens during clitoral stimulation, penetration or when she’s about to have an orgasm.

For example, if she asks you for a massage, you may playfully give her a hard time initially. But when you’re already 15 minutes into it and she asks you to go “lower baby”, there’s no point in making her whine for this. You simply proceed.

The man who knows how to tease and please? Well, he becomes the go-to-guy.

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