How To Touch A Woman & Make Her MELT!


Foreplay allows you to really be creative with how you get your girl turned on. Use these suggestions to turn your lover into putty before you ever have sex!

Why A Girl Wants Your Hands All Over Her

Women want, long and crave to be touched. Where?

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All over their bodies!

But this is not a simple case of hand-to-skin-contact. After all, women, specially the desirable ones, get harassed daily by touchy-feely dimwits with no concept of personal space. These guys love to get their hands on a woman – any woman – add alcohol to the mix and they’ll frisk anybody with the likeness of breasts.

Can you smell the restraining order my friend?

But just as terrible are blokes at the opposite end of the spectrum who only touch when they want something. “Touchy-feely is for girly men,” they’d say. They go tactile only when horny and good to go, and have packaged physical intimacy in such a way that sex becomes the only source for it.

The physical contact then has strings attached: SEX.

And this frustrates women who long for physical connection – but not necessarily intercourse. One wife’s problem, in fact, was that she happens to have a husband who only touches her when he fancies a roll in the sack. So she’s like, “Oh, he just grazed my thigh again, I know where this is going….”

If she indulges his caresses and light foreplay without the reward of sex, she’ll be labeled a “tease” – accused of causing him blue balls because she didn’t put out. She’ll be charged of leading him on. So women, who’ve learned their lessons, are careful because many guys present a take-it-or-leave-it attitude to touching.

But not surprisingly, the yearning for surface area contact can be so overwhelmingly strong that many women have, in one time or another, engaged in sex just to have someone close, just to have someone warm. Sex, in exchange for touch.

Do You Have Any Idea How Fulfilling Touch Is For A Lady?

One way of grasping this is by asking women what they miss most when they “aren’t getting any.” When women experience sexual droughts, what do they crave most? Look out for the answers on this one because it’ll provide you with a fundamental understanding of how women view sex. This is one of the most essential piece of the puzzle.

Women don’t sexually engage only because they get horny, for they can easily help themselves in the shower and harvest climaxes in the most intense and efficient manner. They don’t really miss sucking on your thing, or the fact that you blow your load after two minutes. They don’t mind doing without your masterful strokes or the “almost-kinda” orgasms you cause. A woman misses you for something else!

So what do women miss most when they don’t get laid?

They miss being cuddled, kissed, caressed and held!

They miss the feeling of excitement, fun, affection, closeness, togetherness, comfort, warmth and intimacy (or the illusion of it). Such are the premium benefits women get from sex, the VERY REASONS women jump to bed.

Without these, a woman feels isolated, rejected, undesirable, lonely, unneeded and unattractive.

This is interesting, because touch during foreplay, which is supposedly a physical implement, triggers in her an emotional and psychological satisfaction. When she says, “Sex feels so good,” it’s not only a comment on the physical; it’s a compliment on the emotional-psychological as well.

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