Foreplay: How To Undress A Woman


Foreplay is essential to great sex, but you don’t have to wait until your girl is naked to start. Here’s how to make GETTING her naked part of the foreplay!

By touching your partner during foreplay, you are telling your partner that you are interested in having sex. In fact, a recent study published in the Journal of Sex Research found that one hundred percent of the women polled feel that when their partner touches them, it is a sex-signaling mechanism. In other words, touching someone you care about is read by women as another way of asking, “Would you like to have sex?”

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Try to casually touch your lover as much as possible without being clingy or needy. Merely let them know that you are interested, and you will drive the arousal levels sky high.

Undressing And Getting Ready

It really doesn’t matter how you take your partner’s clothes off; they can fly off in the heat of the moment, be stripped off as a tease, or peeled off gently and one by one. The point is that her clothes are coming off and that’s a good thing but some items are a bit harder to get off than others. Let’s look at some of these issues and how to work around them.

Should I Take Her Clothes Off?

Listen to your partner, both what she’s saying and her movements. Is she begging you to remove her clothes, or is she taking them off for you? Does she offer advice on how to remove certain bits and pieces, or does she look at you provocatively in anticipation? Pay attention to the nuances.

If you find yourself nervous and fumbling, slow things down even further. Rub the places that you want to remove the clothes, first, to warm up her skin and really sensitize her body to your touch. Or, kiss and nibble those same areas lightly before detaching whatever clothing you’re working on next. Trust me, the more time you take at this stage of the game, the more aroused she’ll get, and the more attentive and caring you’ll come across.

Should Everything Come Off?

A valid question, but one that probably is better answered in the heat of the moment. Some women are self-conscious and aren’t comfortable whipping off their clothes while with someone new, but it shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you’re going slow while tickling, lightly biting or being playful as you move around her body. Make her comfortable and anything is possible, but you will eventually need her panties to come off if you want to perform oral sex.

How Do I Get Her Bra Off?

Like the condom wrapper or dental dam, bra clasps are a tricky thing to master, especially when you’re excited and can’t wait. Try first undoing it with two hands (much easier), then move on to the one-handed technique with these tips:

  • Kiss her neck and tickle her with your breath; most women love this and can’t get enough of it. While you’re behind her, it’s relatively easy to see where her bra strap is, so you can grab it with two hands and remove it that way.
  • If you’re standing in front of her, give her a hug. Then, use both of your hands to grab her bra clasp, and pinch it together like you’re trying to open a chip bag. You’ll know you’ve got it because the bra will come off. (And as an aside, this technique works exceptionally well with only one hand too – a man I used to date could undo my bra with one hand in mere seconds whenever he hugged me hello. It just takes a bit of practice).

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