Foreplay Moves That Girls LOVE!


Foreplay is essential for a woman to enjoy sex, so you’ll want to make sure you’re doing things right. Check out these foreplay moves she will really love! Girls are complicated creatures. Unlike guys, girls take a bit more time and work to get all hot and bothered. Yet, if it is done right AND LONG ENOUGH the payoff of having a woman begging for you is well worth it. Here are some moves that can help get her fire going.

What She Said About Foreplay:

1. Tease Her

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Seduce her. Take your time with a woman, even though you may be hard and ready to go, she may need to warm up. So don’t head for her boobs or clit right away, work your way there. Start with kissing her neck and shoulders also rub your hands along side her body. Pay attention to how excited she is getting and go slow.

Spend minutes, note MINUTES, not seconds on her neck, then spend MINUTES on her legs, then spend MINUTES kissing her back. Spend time lots of time on her. Think of her body as a treasure map but before you get to the buried treasure, you need to work your way there. Caress her legs and arms and kiss her everywhere. Make it a game to not touch her near her clit nor on her boobs and see how super excited she gets. This is foreplay!

2. Repeat #1.

Seriously, do what you just did all over again. Even though you may feel like you spent “forever” kissing her, she needs more foreplay. She needs more touching all over her body.

3. Mix It Up

Keep doing the above steps but vary your touch and pressure and use more tongue. Now would be a good time to add massage oil and rub her down.

4. Talk To Her!

While doing foreplay steps 1-3 talk to her. I am not saying you need to have a full blown conversation, nor do you need to get all poetic or dirty talk on her. I mean tell her how sexy she is, how hot you are getting, how you can’t wait to feel all of her. Tell her how fantastic her body is and how you are the luckiest bastard in the world that you get to see her half naked or you get to kiss her.

Praise her whole body with your touch and your words. I know it sounds corny but in the heat of the moment shit like that can really get a girl going!

5. Repeat!

Seriously, do it all again until she is begging you to have sex with her. And if you really want to score major points, tell her that you want to focus all on her. So if she starts to go down on you, stop her (if you can), and tell her you want this night to be about her.

What He Said About Foreplay:

1. Take The Scenic Route

Look we all know where this going. You want to have sex of some variety, but women love foreplay moves that aren’t shall we say as direct. Pay attention to the parts of her that men rarely notice, like the elbows, or the navel. Start to make a beeline towards the boobs or the vagina, then make an abrupt turn to the right and start to work your way away from it, then go back, coming just a little bit closer, but still not making contact with the target. Repeat this, until she just can’t stand it. Then do it again.

2. Tell Her No

Men are usually all about hitting it, getting off and then going to bed. Do number one until she’s literally begging for you to have sex with her. Then don’t. Until you feel like she’ll put a gun to your head unless you sleep with her. If you can do this right, you will own her and she will love you for it.

I have two friends who are masters of this. Some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen are falling all over these guys no matter if the women are single or married, or if the guy’s in shape or not. One of my friend teases women he meets at work to a tee. He’s a bartender and he’ll pick up a girl at the end of the night and take her home. He’ll engage in foreplay and tease her until she just can’t stand it and to where she’s on the verge of having an orgasm just off the anticipation. Then he’ll say “You know what? I’m really tired from work. I’m going to bed. Maybe we’ll pick up where we left off in the morning.” Then he actually goes to sleep. This drives the women nuts.

They literally can’t process it. He always gets laid when he wakes up and often then start molesting him as soon as the sun comes up.

Another friend does a similar move, he’ll tease, please a bit, stop, tease some more and then say “Okay, that’s all you get for now. You’ll get more later, if you’re good.” Then he cuts them off. This drives them nuts and this kind of teasing women love.

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