Foreplay Moves That Guys Love


Foreplay isn’t just for girls – guys actually enjoy foreplay before the action too. Check out these steamy moves guaranteed to make him hot.

First things first, foreplay was not invented for men. Most men are just in it for the benefit of women. Bless those men! Still, some men don’t give a crap about women. Of course, those men are jerks. If we are going to focus on foreplay moves based solely on pleasing men then all you need to know is that men are all about their penis.

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Men are wired to go from 0-100 in sixty seconds. So any sort of “special moves” you think you need to learn or “erogenous zones” you think you need to touch are pretty much moot. I’m not saying women should forgo foreplay on a man all together, lets not get lazy here ladies, I’m just saying that the foreplay can all be penis focused.

What She Said About Foreplay Moves:

Focus On His Penis During Foreplay

That’s it. Men do not need long make out sessions, neck kissing or back massages. Once a guy is aroused, the only thing he is thinking about is how long it will take you to stop fussing with him and get your hands on his penis. So get a hold of that python and get comfortable.

Praise His Penis

Once you have laid eyes on his penis, tell him how big, huge, gigantic, large, superior it is. Any adjective that makes his penis sound like the biggest one you have ever seen. You can even say “That is the biggest one I have ever seen.” If you are not into talking, then gasps of surprise and arousal are always a wonderful move that guys dig. Once you have spent a few seconds admiring, its time to move on to the next foreplay move.

Work His Penis

You’ve seen it, you’ve commented on it and you’ve “oohed” and “ahhed.” Now you just have to touch it. So stroke it, caress it, give him a handjob. Keep an eye on your man and see what sort of pressure he likes and how he likes his penis to be pleased.

Put His Penis In Your Mouth

Just like stroking his penis with your hand, do it with your mouth. Although you have more opportunities with your mouth, saliva is a wonderful tool and your tongue is the strongest muscle in the body. Use your spit, use your tongue! Kiss his most prized possession, lick every where. Pretend its an ice cream cone or sucker and start giving that man a blowjob.

There you go. Four easy steps and in all honestly, most likely he was aroused and ready to go before you even got to step one. Foreplay for men doesn’t have to be an all day affair. They can get hit by a gust of wind and be aroused. I am not saying all men are solely about their penis for foreplay, but lets face it, that is where they want to be touched, licked and praised. So you can save yourself a lot of time and energy by focusing your foreplay on his best friend. Even after these tips, I’m pretty sure you could have probably just leaned over and whispered “Lets have sex.” That comment alone would have been all the foreplay you needed to do.

What He Said About Foreplay Moves:

There’s this notion that foreplay is for women. Men love foreplay too. Why? Cause we’re tired of doing all the damn work. We have to jump through all these hoops to get your number, to get you to go out with us, to get you into bed, and then you just take your clothes off and expect us to instantly begin dispensing the multiple orgasms. Really?

Why can’t men enjoy foreplay?

Just massage him. Give him a good one and get him relaxed. Work out the knots. You might think this is in his best interest, but really it’s in yours. The more relaxed and tension free he is, the longer it will last and the better it will be. He’ll be all zen like and won’t be focused on racing to the finish line, rather, he’ll be overjoyed with how good he and it feels and his pleasure will be enhanced, and then he’ll hit it like a rock star.

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