Foreplay Tips – 3 Phenomenal Ways To Give Women Extended Orgasms!


Foreplay is a great way to make sure that your partner is satisfied during sex. These three foreplay suggestions will help you get your girl hotter than ever!

When it comes to sex, many men tend to do away with foreplay and get into the act of intercourse right away. While that may fulfill your sexual desires, the same cannot be said of your woman. If you truly want to add some zest into your sex life and make sure she enjoys every moment of lovemaking with you, you should never skim on this important aspect of lovemaking. Keep reading for three essential foreplay tips that will surely light her passion and keeping her orgasmic engine revving wildly!

Bring On The Adult Books

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There is something about adult literature that porn movies can never match up: it allows your partner to use her own erotic imagination to visualize what goes on in those story lines. Believe me, this is far more powerful than popping that adult movie into the DVD player. So grab one of those adult books and read them to her and watch as her vivid imagination goes wild!

Bring On The Big Sex Toys

Sex toys are doing a thriving business these days and they play a far more essential role in your sex lives than you would probably imagine. Vibrators and dildos will help you learn more about her body and what turns her on the most. For instance, different women prefer different speed, intensity and even angles of penetration. By learning what she likes best when using these toys, you can mimic or replicate the same movements on her when making love so that she receives maximum pleasure from you. Well, sex toys are not just for ladies. For example, the penis ring is a great aid to help men last longer in bed and give her a more sensational experience to boot!

Talk Dirty – With A Difference!

How about engaging in a sexy conversation through phone? Many couples who are a little too inhibited in bed find themselves far more liberated when they talk dirty though the phone. It can take the shyness off her when she cannot see you face to face. By engaging in phone sex, you can really get her to loosen up herself, and with the help of a little dose of alcohol, you may even spice up the conversation! And you don’t have to be far apart to engage in phone sex. Call her at home while you are just in the next room!

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