Top 5 Erogenous Zones On Her Face


Foreplay has a vital role in getting a woman primed for sex. Some of the most erogenous zones on a woman’s body are on her face and head. Here are some foreplay tips to help you master these zones.

Why The Face Is So Important

All women are beautiful in their own special way. And nothing expresses physical beauty as succinctly as the face. It plays primary role because of one very obvious reason: IT’S THE SEAT OF THE SENSES!

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It houses the EYES (windows to the soul), the EARS (receptor of dirty talk), the NOSE (channel for scents), and the MOUTH (for spit-swapping, licking, sucking & biting) Capitalize on her senses. If you know anything about sex, you’ll realize how vital the senses are – it’s all about them.

1. The Nose

What can one do with a snout? A lot actually. For starters, you can make her close her eyes and give her a whiff of varied scents and aromas. Nothing strong, just something nice. Then initiate those playful nose rubs. Nuzzle each other. It’s mano-a-mano only with the snouts. Pinch that cute nose, cut air flow and then start kissing her.

Kiss her on the nose. You can even gently bite on it – just not on the bony part. Use your lips to shield teeth and bite through that. Bite and release immediately. Don’t hold the bite too long because it will get weird.

Tell her to close her eyes and trace her nose contours – the ridge and the sides. You may then give her a nose massage, this works best with lubricant or lotion. It’s very simple – with your thumb and forefinger, gently slide up and down the sides. Just slide up & down.

2. The Ears

In many countries, animal ears are considered a most sought-after delicacy.  Women have ticklish flaps, and going this route can be the beginning of something fun during foreplay. So nibble her ears. Since this is not a boxing match, don’t bite it off. Play with her ear lobes and curves, but don’t go deep. Make sure it never gets wet and sloppy – it’s not a nice feeling when things start getting slick.

Whisper sweet nothings. You don’t have to be poetic. Anything in a sexy tone will work. Since you’re so close, your utterance will be magnified several times, so don’t go drill sergeant on her. Banging the life out of her eardrum is not sensual. Instead, use your sexiest and most evocative voice. Whisper is the operative word.

You may, but very gently and not directly, blow her a warm breeze – it’s more like a sigh or moan really. This is a huge turn-on, especially when reinforced with a caress somewhere. An erotic massage works well with this method.

3. The Eyes

Bring your heads closer and get eye contact, this cheap psychological trick adds to the feeling of intimacy. As been said, gazing into each other increases attraction.

Try this – have some sweet things to say in your head, and then try communicating them through your eyes. Get to that point where you find it easier to talk through the eyes. The satisfaction of knowing what the other is thinking, without the exchange of words, is incomparable – it’s like an inside joke that strengthens your bond.

Tell her to close her eyes. Plant those gentle & dry kisses. Run your fingers over her eye brows, eye lashes and kiss them very gently. Watch her get dreamy with this. Caress the soft skin around, go gentle and sweet. This is something men rarely do nowadays.

4. The Mouth

Take licking, sucking, biting, making out and blowing to a new level. What else can you do with it? Feed her! Put something inside that mouth. Open your refrigerator, what’s inside that’s not past expiration date? You don’t need to go grocery shopping for this one.

Feed her. Kiss her. Don’t just spit swap, swap diets. Spread some on her cheeks and lick it off. Encourage her to do the same. Give her something to suck on – a chocolate-dipped finger, perhaps? Anything that’ll make her mouth and tongue move will do the trick.

You are scintillating her by offering an assortment of flavors. Don’t feed her to fullness though – that’ll just make her sleepy and bloated – not good for physical activity. Give her a tingling sampling, a taste to excite and awaken her drowsy existence.

5. The Hair

Unless your partner is G.I. Jane, I’m going to assume she’s got some. Blond, brunette, frizzy – doesn’t really matter, you can have fun with it. Smell her locks. Isn’t that already a treat? Instead of considering her locks as an annoyance guys should take advantage of her hair.

Hair is one of the best sex toys. Play with it. Use it to caress her body and yours. This will spring goosebumps on both. Run your palm over her head several times – like soothing a lost child. Then course your fingers through like a comb. Add appropriate eye contacts and you make her feel like she’s the most precious girl in the entire Universe.

Motion as if you’re tucking her bangs behind her ears.  It’s the same move as wiping the corner of her lips clean even when there’s no food there. These are cheap, ‘cheesy’ tricks, but she falls for them every time because they’re a sweet-kind-of-nothing that shows attention to details.

For ladies with long locks, take a fistful by sliding your hand from the back, through the neck and through her hair. Form a fist and grab a fistful near the roots then gently tug on it. Gently but firmly. Look at her longingly, survey her face and slowly descend your lips on hers and kiss her.

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