Top 3 Erogenous Zones Of The Torso For Excellent Foreplay


Foreplay is vital before sex. Learn the top erogenous zones of a woman’s torso to make you’re job exponentially easier when trying to seduce a woman.

1. Neck & Shoulders

The neck and shoulders, a well-known erogenous zone – tickles at first, but when she gets the hang of it, she’ll demand a kissing trail. Manual or oral stimulation is good, both is even better.

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Nuzzle her neck with your snout or chin. That’s what some fellows in the animal kingdom do to suggest sexual motive. Occasionally, blow her a warm sigh – which slowly blows all her inhibitions away.

Give her neck and shoulders a good dosage of kissing, licking, sucking and some Transylvanian biting. No wet, sloppy ones please. Manage the slime, spit and slush.

The area could use a relaxing erotic massage. Give her shoulder blades firm squeezes. Use thumb circles especially at the base of the neck, where it’s connected to the shoulders. Stroke it sensually but firmly. Plant pointy kisses when you finish kneading, then gently caress the area using the back of your fingers.

2. Belly Area

See how large it is? How can you let such huge space miss on the action?

Her front torso is a canvass – like her back. And just like her back, it can be a productive playing field. So stop treating this patch of skin as that boring space between the breasts and the vulva during foreplay. It’s a major stop over, so camp there for a while.

Plant generous amounts of light, quick and gentle kisses on this canvass, purposely avoiding the breasts. There’s so much fun to be had. Take the belly button, for example.

It’s a handy place for depositing stuff like ice cubes, grapes, strawberries, syrup or choco drops. Not to mention the fact that women respond well to tongue on their buttons. Even a finger goofing around its outer edges can get her really going.

Do not follow a straight line from the lips down to her garden. Tease her. Let her simmer and hang for a few minutes. Naturally, she’ll want you to heed the call of the vagina and continue down. Which you will… but only in your own terms.

By staying on the area, you fire up specific questions in your partner’s head. It gets her thinking: Will he go all the way down?

That possibility excites her and makes her anticipate the moment when you finally cross Vulval territory. It’s an “almost there, but not quite there yet” anticipation building move – reminiscent of the excitement she encountered when you went higher and higher her inner thighs.

3. Arms

Fingers are your earliest tools for engaging another human being. We shake hands to bridge the physical gap between strangers, for example. Hand holding is commonly the first intimate expression between man and woman – it’s your tip and her tip coming together.

Simple hand holding is always a big hit for women, and it’s always nice to begin this way – no matter how cheesy it may seem. It may be the most mundane thing, but it could very well be the sweetest, most reassuring act this side of the bed.

It indicates warmth, affection and connection – showing her you’re not just there for the lay. When you communicate these things to a woman, an emotional bond waves through the act.

You may then do the classic hand massage. With edible lubricant, drive your thumbs onto her palm in a fanning/circular motion. Perform the same movement, but with less pressure, on the bonier back. Remember, massage is about meat and flesh, don’t knead fragile bones in the hope of relieving tension – you’ll break them.

Up the ante by indulging your girl with some oral sex. Lick those digits in a blowjob manner. Ravish her fingers and flicker your tongue over her columns. Playfully bite and suck all the goodness in that sweet thang.

Lead her hands somewhere nice. Like the naughty parts of your anatomy. Bring them to your stacked chest, and down to your even more well-endowed crotch. Delight her with the variety of textures. Let her feel the benevolence of your face and the suppleness of your behind. Teach her how you want to be touched.

Another favorite is planting kisses on the length of the lady’s tentacles. Beginning from the tips and worming your way towards her body. There’s always something about having someone go nearer, nearer, and nearer you that makes a girl’s heart beat a tad faster during foreplay.

Kissing from the fingertips towards the center means you’re reducing distance between the heads, making it increasingly more intimate and personal. The other way around just creates some sort of a going away psychological distance.

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