What Is Foreplay?

Spice Up Your Sex Life

Foreplay is something many men have heard of, but some actually don’t know what it is! But foreplay is essential for great sex, so here’s what you need to know!

Foreplay is generally regarded as the set of activities couples enjoy before he mounts her and pump away. The list includes kissing, licking, sucking, biting, hugging, caressing, nuzzling, smelling, touching, slow dancing, eating off each other’s bodies, teasing, testing the limits of sex toys, kneading, scratching, oral sex, erotic massage, dirty talk and virtually anything inspired by the couple’s imagination that isn’t penis to vagina penetration.

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(This list is actually endless.)

Women are suckers for these, it’s in their very nature to be so.

While men can do without such and still be happy, women are more engrossed by them. I’m telling you, investing on these sub-arts guarantees an unbelievable upsurge in your erotic affairs, adding oomph and pizzazz to your encounters.

What Is It For?

You thought foreplay was for heating her ovens, did you? It’s the all-too-common, “We’re gentlemen, so let’s get her hot & wet first”, where foreplay is seen as an opening act.

That mindset has tripped a man too many. When you consider foreplay simply as a preliminary, you will inevitably suck at it. For how can you rock when you’re already imagining how wonderful it would be to slide inside your lover? The finest foreplayers are the ones who are lost in the moment.

Yes, foreplay will eventually heat her ovens, create palpable tension and bring her to a rabid sexual flush – but these are only the side-effects. Getting her hot and ready doesn’t overshadow the fact that foreplay is an end unto itself, not needing any ulterior motive. Side-effects should not be confused with the sheer delight of doing it.

Foreplay was never meant to be just a preliminary and you won’t recognize the delights offered by its outstretched arms until you stop seeing it as one. It would be a great sensual waste, for example, if you kiss with the hope of it leading somewhere, and miss on the fact that the kiss in itself is full of savory, mouth-watering treats. Such a waste.

Think about this for a minute: For many women – foreplay is it. (Let me give you time to let that one sink in.) For many women, foreplay is the thing, it is the sex thing. It’s their reason for the deed!

It’s when most of the things she loves take place – all the kissing, touching – everything! It’s where she feels those emotional stirrings and ecstasies women desire. It’s when they feel most wanted, most needed, most beautiful – it’s when you’re kissing them and holding them, (not when you’re feverishly thrusting into them). Many guys miss this. It blows my mind how guys simply breeze through something as big of a deal for a girl!

Why Does It Work?

Why do you think foreplay works in revving her engines in the first place?

It’s because women are great fans of it! That’s why it gets them hot and ready to ride you. In a world where girls don’t appreciate F – it won’t work, you can caress and tease all day long, and still end up with a lady bored to death. But our women do appreciate F, it inflames and energizes them. And rushing through it doesn’t endear you to her, as you’re making light of things she loves the most.

Stop treating foreplay as an opening act, and you will be a top act. You will see possibilities when you forget intercourse for the moment, and deal with what is at hand – you’ll do a much more amazing job too!

When that happens, your partner will experience the kind of longing that you want. She will have a real desire to be penetrated, to have you inside her. She will ask, bitch and nag just so you finally do her. So wise up!

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