When You Actually Need To SKIP Foreplay!


Foreplay is something that is essential for every sex session, right? Or can you forgo it and get busy right away?


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Acts of foreplay don’t have to come before anything as they can be enjoyed in and of themselves. And so, there will be times when F can be the worst thing.

In these situations, it’s best to simply tear her clothes, pin her against the wall and do her right then and there. Don’t delay – do her immediately. Ravage her at will because she definitely wants you to.

When is that feasible? When is teasing not even funny?

Know When There’s Urgency

It is during the week-long honeymoon when couples are rabid hot. Passion takes the form of intense, fanatic longing and the moment the lovers’ shadows meet, they commence sexually harassing each other. The slow, gentle, “Take your time” nature of foreplay doesn’t work in situations where passion is in the form of “Take me, right here, right now” – there’s just no time for that, not enough brain cells even to light scented-candles. No chance for slow dancing in this case.

That’s ok, the couple is on the same page and they know what they want.

Such couples get to enjoy acts associated with foreplay, only after some serious sex. It’s that calm after the storm as lovers bask in the ambiance of their orgasms – the only real opportunity to luxuriate and slow things down.

Another time to definitely skip foreplay-smorplay is during quickies. There’s just no time. No time to heat the oil, or find that R&B CD. No time to gloat over your partner’s hot body, or engage in any talk. Just get those orgasms, put your clothes back on, fix your hair… then go back to work!

Part of the turn-on is the boldness of simply doing it without thought for feelings. There’s something so animalistic and intense about it – such rawness that finds its way in many of women’s fantasies.

These situations still make for great sex as foreplay becomes unnecessary delay, both partners don’t want it.

When NOT To Engage In Quickies

First, make sure it doesn’t become a pattern. Quickies are exciting, but they lose punch when it’s quickies all the time. Pretty much the same thing gets old pretty fast.

Second, make sure both of you are on the same page. You wish to do her now? She wants you to do her now? Fine, run like the wind. Of course, the situation’s a lot different when the other just wants to lie there gazing at the stars. Then you’ll probably have to take full advantage of foreplay’s side-effects to jump-start things.

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