Why Teasing Is CRUCIAL!


Foreplay is critical if you’re going to have amazing sex and even better orgasms. Here’s why you DON’T want to miss out on incredible foreplay.

Most Guys Don’t Tease

That’s a huge mistake right there.

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At times, many get overly anxious to make things happen – compelled by the need to impress. Compound this with ultra-high levels of horny and you have a cowboy ready to mount a girl the first chance he gets, (even before the condom has warmed on his thing) – somehow fearing if he wastes precious time, she might change her mind and flee.

Don’t get me wrong, women love to be mounted – when they’re ready. They beg for it – when they’re more than ready. When you hear, “For goodnessakes put it in! You’re killing me,” you know she’s not going anywhere. But jumping the gun can be the dumbest thing one can do. You’re communicating all the wrong things – proving your haste to get off and a bankrupt imagination. A person with nothing better to offer but old run-of-the-mill sex. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot 3 freakin’ times!

In this article, we’ll try to divert sexual focus by learning how to TEASE.

What Is Push And Pull?

Teasing brings into play the power of the Push and the Pull – that art of going forwards and backwards, (and a few sidesteps along the way.) It’s what keeps women on their toes, the power that keeps their hearts pumping as consequence of unpredictability, saving you from ho-hum encounters so prevalent today.

And if you want great sex, YOU HAVE GOT TO DO IT, YOU HAVE GOT TO TEASE – there’s just no way around it. You have to make your girl think: I wonder what’s coming up next?

Women want, wish and love to be teased.

They love it more than they care to admit. It gets their juices flowing and makes sex more interesting, challenging and exciting. Because for many, especially the hotties, sex has just been too easy. Give a guy a go signal, and before she knows it, his sweaty carcass is already performing contortions on top of her. A guy who gets teasing is hard to come by.

Do You Think Foreplay Is Easy?

And if you think it’s easy, you’ve got another thing coming. When you’re getting red-hot by the second, and you just want to unleash the moves and put on a show, teasing could very well be the last thing on your mind. There are guys who’ve never even done it! It’s a totally alien concept, for teasing entails going back a phase, toning down and avoiding the stuff one loves the most. Which is never easy for the goal-oriented fellows. They want to kiss those luscious reds, tear her bra and mash those perky breasts. They want to wreck her thing, pound it hard and show her who’s boss. But while teasing agrees on all these scintillating affairs, it says, “NOT YET!”

And that’s not easy. Delaying the stuff you absolutely crave, is no joke, it is the horny man’s Everest – for why wait and delay the inevitable? But when it works, it works! And your bed will never be the same.

Why Taking Your Time Is Oh, So Sweet

In this fast-paced, grab-life-by-the-horns society, waiting and delays are often maligned and vilified. Waiting is inefficient; delays are considered a waste of time. The world of instant noodles and instant coffee has robbed us of the luxury of planting coffee beans and making our own fresh brew.

But I hope it will hit you really hard, that when it comes to wondrous sex, YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO WAIT, DELAY, and CREATE ANTICIPATIONS & EXPECTATIONS. Get a sexual reprogramming and embrace the virtues of delayed gratification, for unless you turn your mind in that direction, you’ll struggle every time you get an erection.

Waiting and delays may be terrible for government offices and the fast food industry, but in the world of sex, they are the stuff of legends. This thing could change the way you experience an erotic rendezvous.

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