Your Man’s Top 3 Secret Erogenous Zones REVEALED!


Foreplay is just as important for a guy as it is a girl. Here are your guy’s three most hidden – yet powerful – hot spots! Don’t miss THESE during foreplay!

The Usual Erogenous Zones

We are all familiar with the usual erogenous zones that men have: lips, nipples, and penis. When you give your man a juicy kiss, you start to get his heart racing and his blood pumping. When you lick his nipples and suck on them, you start to get him hard and he begins wanting you more and more. When you stroke and rub his penis, that’s how you get him to climax and how you put a cherry on top of the evening. Even though these 3 spots on his body feel good when you touch them, they aren’t the only spots on his body that he wants stimulated.

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Men are more in depth than we give them credit for and there are three top secret erogenous zones on his body that you probably have never explored before. You are missing out on giving your man some amazing foreplay, anticipation, and pleasure. If you don’t want to miss out on this for another moment, it’s time you learned just where to touch him and when to touch him.

His Back

Probably the biggest hot spot on his body that gets left untouched, a man’s back is jam packed with so many nerve endings that it is just begging to be touched. The beauty of this hot spot is that it is so versatile. You can both be rough with him and scratch his back or you can get a little gentler and give him soft kisses. His back can be stimulated via a massage and used as a tool in foreplay to get him aroused or you can dig your claws into his back when he is on top of you during sex.

No matter what form of stimulation you choose to use on him, just make sure that you are doing something to his back and touching it all over. Don’t just focus on his shoulders too. Make sure that you rub him all over and that you especially hit the most sensitive spot, that being the small of his back. You know how good it feels when your man’s lips trace along the small of your back so why not give him the same satisfaction as well? Of course it may feel a little less intense for him but it will be a touch and a feeling that lingers for a while to come.

His Thighs

This is one hot spot on his body that you do not want to miss but chances are you are always overlooking it. When we think about pleasing a man, we think about giving him rough stimulation and manhandling him. Naturally, men are built tough so when we do give them stimulation, it is usually a little rougher than usual. However, this mindset shouldn’t always be the case. There are spots on his body that he wants to be touched just like how you want to be touched there. His thighs are one of those spots that regularly gets ignored and that is because thighs have a feminine association. When we think of thighs being stimulated, we think of how men lick and bite a woman’s thighs before he goes down on her. Thighs are often thought of being only pleasurable when stimulated for women but you’d be surprised.

The next time you and your man are getting down and dirty, trace your nails down his thighs or better yet, dig your claws right into them. Since his thighs are very sensitive, you have to be a little rough with them or else you are going to make him laugh rather than get him hard. This may be a ticklish spot on his body but with your hands so close to his penis but yet so far away, he is going to love the anticipation that comes with you rubbing his thighs and teasing him.

His Buttocks

Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. There is a big difference between his buttocks and his anus. We are not talking about rimming or fingering him or anything invasive. That is a whole different realm of stimulation and one that takes some serious conversation. Rather, when talking about his buttocks as being an erogenous zone, we are only focusing on the cheeks. Spanking a man, scratching his cheeks or even rubbing them are all forms of stimulation that really get him hot.

Most men don’t like it when women get too close to their behinds but if you do it in the right way, it is a massive erogenous zone that he probably never even knew he had. The best way to touch his buttocks to get him hot and heavy is to spank him during sex. While he is on top of you, this is a prime opportunity for you to really give it to him. You can even place your hands on his buttocks and drive him into you even more. This will really turn his crank. You can scratch at his buttocks and spank him to really up the ante.

There are plenty of other erogenous zones on your man’s body that are craving some stimulation so open your mind and your eyes and really get down to exploring all of the possibilities you never even knew existed.

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