How To Be The KING Of Foreplay!


Foreplay is crucial, because great sex starts before penetration. Women need foreplay to become fully aroused, because they simply just don’t “turn on” instantly like a lot of guys do. But many men tend to overlook foreplay, because they think that if they pound away harder, his partner will orgasm faster and harder. Hey, it holds true for him, why not for her?

Unfortunately, this is completely untrue, and can actually guarantee that your partner will not get to orgasm at all. Most women don’t climax during actual intercourse and if they do, it’s because there was some heavy foreplay first. In fact, some of the most intense orgasms a woman can have are through foreplay alone. If you don’t engage in foreplay first, it’s likely that your partner isn’t going to want to have sex with you very often! Instead, here are the things you need to know to be the best of the best when it comes to giving your lover the right kind of foreplay.

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Learn To Use Your Fingers

After some deep kissing and heavy petting, you want to move on to her vulva. Get her nice and warmed up first, by lightly touching all around the area and kissing it and maybe even licking around a little.

Once she’s warmed up enough, make sure to focus your attention on her clitoris and G -Spot – these should be your first priority. Of course, if she’s not fully aroused first and isn’t craving your touch, you’re not going to get very far. This is part of why foreplay is so important – if you head straight for the clitoris or G-spot and your partner isn’t fully aroused, it could be very uncomfortable for them.

Also, it is very important for you to remember to keep your fingernails clean and trimmed smoothly. Although a workin’ man with very “manly,” callused hands can be a turn on to some women, no girl wants you to start putting your hands down there when they are filthy and grimy.

Talk Dirty To Her

Dirty talk is a great way to get a woman so hot and bothered, that it will become much easier for her to let her body go, and have loads of very powerful orgasms, without even thinking about it. Next time you’re in the sack, whisper a few sexy things in her ear about how much you love what is happening, how good it feels, what you want her to do or what you’re going to do to her next. This works wonders in getting a woman incredibly turned on!

Get Your Grope On

Remember when you were younger, and simply fondling a girl was the most exciting thing to happen all week? Well, don’t be afraid to bring that back! And don’t just grab her breasts and butt! Gently scratch your nails down her back, tug her hair a little, and massage her inner-thighs.

The next time you see your girl minding her own business, don’t be afraid to get your grope on! Just because you’re older now and you’ve had sex, it doesn’t mean that sex should be the primary goal every time you start fooling around. Think back to the old days when it was fun, exciting and a little scary to grope around without knowing what will happen next!

When you can combine groping, dirty talk, and amazing skills with your fingers, thee is no doubt that your lover will go nuts every time you are in the room. So now it’s your duty to go out there, and please her booty!

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