How To Get Any Girl BEGGING For You To Sleep With Them!


Foreplay is essential to getting primed for sex. Even if you’re the best lover in the world, getting to a point where your girl is ready can be more erotic than the actual act. As a guy, we’re ready for sex at any point.

We go from limp to hard in a matter seconds. While this is great for a quickie, women typically want more than just a 5 second romp in the dressing room at Dillards. Getting your girl to the edge before you start having sex will not only make her orgasm more intense, it can keep the sex fresh. Here are a few tips for making foreplay great for her.

Slow It Down

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How long is your normal regiment of foreplay? 5-10 minutes? Do you remember in college when you would hook up with a girl and you weren’t too sure if she was going to let you go all the way? Remember how you would do everything possible to get the girl so turned on that she would not be able to say no?

This is the kind of foreplay that you want to implement with your girlfriend. Slow everything down to half time. If you normally went 5-10 minutes before sex, make it 20 minutes. There is no time limit on how much you need. Get your girl to the point where she is trying to put you inside her and then stop everything. Go a little more and when she tries again, let her.

Implement Barriers

Foreplay is commonly started before sex is even an option. One of the best ways that you can get any girl begging you to have sex is to set up barriers. This is talked about a lot in pick up artist methods. Barriers are basically situations where you cannot have sex immediately. Getting started in public is one of the best methods.

When you’re out at a bar or a restaurant, start being flirty. Touch the girl in places that are socially acceptable while still being erotic. The small of the back, the stomach and the face work well. Brushing the hair out of her eyes works well too. Whisper things in her ear about how much you want to get away from the crowd. This will start to get any girl going and the fact that you can’t have sex right then and there will make it even more erotic.

Use A LOT Of Kissing

Kissing is one of the best foreplay methods out there. While kissing is primarily done on the lips, you need to spread it out. Kiss the neck and the earlobes. Some women are really into having their earlobes kissed and sucked while others will find that it tickles them. Kiss the side of her neck and collarbone and then move your way down to the chest.

Don’t go for breasts immediately. This is an amateur move.  Work your way down her chest  and kiss her breasts in a fluid motion. Remember that you want to do this slowly. Make sure that you are not just focusing on the nipple. Kiss the area between her breasts to get her really turned on.

Use Porn If She’s Into It

While porn isn’t something that every girl is going to be into, it can make for some very hot foreplay. A lot of girls love porn and others hate it. Talk to your girlfriend before you toss on a porno movie. If you don’t have any porno movies, take a trip to your local adult store and buy one together.

You never know what you will find that can spice up the sex. Let her pick one out and then you pick one out. If you’re into something a little out there like fetishes or hardcore sex, make sure that she is going to be comfortable watching it. Turn on the porn before you start having sex to get things going. Kiss her and finger her during the movie to set the mood. Remember to be slow.

Use One Of Her Sex Toys

Sex toys are another way to get foreplay going easily. Most girls have a vibrator; however, if she doesn’t you can easily buy one online. Using a vibrator on your girlfriend or allowing her to use it on herself can be extremely erotic. Remember not to focus on just using the toy on her.

Kiss her and suck on her breasts. Kiss her neck and her stomach while you’re using the toy to enhance her experience. Most vibrators come with a clitoral stimulator. If the vibrator you have does not have a clitoral stimulator, pull it out and rub it on her clitoris to get her ready for you.

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