How To Get Foreplay Back In Your Sex Life


Foreplay is an essential part of sex – but it can start to wane when you get comfortable with someone. Here’s how to get it back, stat!

My man and I have been together a couple of years. Chemistry and sex are great, but where’s the foreplay? The anticipation is the best part for me. But now we just go at it. Can I get it back?

What She Said:

I have good news – it is possible! All it takes is a little communication and compromise with your partner. You two are, of course, more familiar with each other now than at the beginning of your relationship. That means you’ll never quite be able to recapture that thrill of the new because it’s morphed into something different. Still more good news – that something different is an intimacy and trust that you didn’t have before.

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Just Because You’re Comfortable Doesn’t Mean Sex Has To Be Boring

Familiarity doesn’t have to equal boring. Luckily you’re already ahead of the curve with the great chemistry and hot sex that you share. All you need to reintroduce into this mix is the anticipation. How do you accomplish this? Here’s where the communication and compromise comes in. Let your boyfriend know you’re hot for him – but that it could get even hotter. That will get his attention!

The Importance Of Date Nights

Add date nights that don’t end in full intercourse to your repertoire. Go out for a great dinner, fondle each other at the movies and dry hump on the couch like you were teenagers – but DON’T have sex. Tease each other with texts and flirty emails throughout the week prior to your big evening out. Make it a game to let the tension build. Do this until you both agree it’s time for release. Repeat.

Now you’ve got the best of both worlds: all the benefits of a long-term relationship with the ability to anticipate hot times of fun and frolic. Enjoy!

What He Said:

Important thing to note:

Men like to be pleased, women like to be teased.

If both sides dig in and insist on only getting what they want, nobody wins. Needless to say your man’s not probably going to be super thrilled about the no intercourse thing. Talk to him and come to some sort of understanding where you get what you want and he does to. For my money, there is no relationship problem that can’t be solved with hotel/vacation sex.

Why Hotel/Vacation Sex Can Help

Something about being out of your usual environment gets people going. Try taking a little weekend getaway. You don’t even have to leave your own town, just be somewhere different. If you’re in the same environment you can develop a pattern, and you’re trying to change the pattern. So come up with fun and naughty ways to disrupt it and then install a new one. It make take practice, but is that a bad thing?

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