How To Keep Having Sex Even After You Ejaculate


Foreplay is usually before sex, right? It doesn’t have to be! Use foreplay to give your partner an orgasm if you ejaculate too early.

Women don’t care if you’ve ejaculated or not, but THEY DO CARE IF YOU STOP THE FUN. They’re pissed with guys who don’t understand a most basic sexual principle: Just because you’re relieved doesn’t mean I am. The issue with premature ejaculators is not the white liquid – it’s that after they shoot, fast guns stop everything and act like the woman is also done.

Who Decides When Sex Is Over?

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The man? The woman?

For most, it’s neither. It’s an orgasm. Semen is an oracle declaring to men, “That’s all folks!” Feeling relieved, they believe this and retire like car salesmen without any after-sales service.

But here’s the thing: Semen really is just semen. It means you climaxed, good for you! The juice represents the procreative aspect of things, but sex isn’t solely for procreation, is it?

AN ORGASM DOESN’T SAY OR MEAN ANYTHING unless you want it to. You can treat it as if nothing happened.

Men stray after they spray when they make their orgasm the sole goal.

When that’s the case, then there’s really no difference between masturbation and intercourse – the hot girl is irrelevant. (Be careful when setting goals, they’re double edged. They set your focus, but they also define your blind spots.)

Yeah, the penis-inside-the-vagina bit may be over, but not the fun. For there’s no stopping a couple from doing other stuff. Penetration isn’t the only thing on the menu. Thrusting may be over for now, but not the sex.

Doesn’t it makes more sense to wrap up when both partners are satisfied, whether this is attended by one orgasm or not, than wrap things up simply because one sees white liquid?

Treat Your Orgasm As If Nothing Happened

This doesn’t mean that you continue with the poking. No! What can you do with limp equipment, really? Forget your thing. After reaching orgasm, you experience a virtual absence in arousal, a refractory period of 5-15 minutes. Since you already got into her pants, you can easily dress up & leave or doze off, and there’s absolutely nothing she can do about it. Now this is where most men blow it big time.

Invest in the refractory period and distance yourself from the other guys.


Notice how easy it is to tease and please when you’re done? You really don’t need much after you’ve sprayed, do you? You can actually think straight, can you?

Forget your temporarily dilapidated tool and unleash your most prized possessions – your tongue and hands.

Give her oral sex and get busy. Explore her body as if the first time. Kiss her ears, neck and back. Stroke her hair. Pull it lightly. Caress her shoulders, gently sweep her inner thighs. Get busy with her nipples and stroke her breasts. (Are you sensing more foreplay coming?)

In a few minutes, you will feel another surge of the urge. In an instant, you will become a man again. It’s like being reborn, only better. It’s your second chance at bat, an opportunity the average guy rarely finds.

The loss of arousal and erection are not final. Barring medical conditions, arousal and erection should return. You may be calmed and satisfied after one blow, but just you wait a few minutes and you’ll be begging to ride her again.

Simply knowing this brings you on a different footing from the inexperienced boy who retires after one shot and anxiously wait for next week’s booty call. He never gets to meet his 2nd and 3rd winds!

This is the real issue with premature ejaculation, it’s how you treat her when you’re done.

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