How to Strip and Lap Dance for Your Man – and WHY You Should…


Strip clubs often get a bad rap.

So many women know the feeling of aggravation and doubt when their man calls and says he’s “working late”, taking his “client” to discuss some important business at his favorite strip club. Yeah, right, it’s just “for the client” or “for his boss”. As if your man was dragged in that strip club against his will, kicking and screaming, while those bad, bad women were assaulting him with an exotic striptease. Yeah right.

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Of course anyone who complaints about a strip club for men has never been to one of the really wild strip clubs – the ones for women. Damn. And you thought the men got wild. Let’s just say some of these ladies in the audience would surprise you. But that’s another story.

While your man is “talking business” at his favorite strip club, all you can do is sit at home and brood, getting more and more mad by the minute. Wondering what he is or isn’t doing with those topless women hanging all over him.

Here’s an idea…  Instead of sitting around complaining about the situation, getting yourself more and more frustrated, why not take the situation into your own hands. Take your man to a strip club, and enjoy the experience as a couple. No, you don’t have to go to a trashy one that only guys would enter. Pick a nice, upscale one. Yes, contrary to the societal perception, there are many upscale strip clubs that are perfectly safe and welcoming to women and couples. In fact, you’d be surprised to learn how many strip clubs are actually owned by women.

Fact is, most men find it incredibly sexy and arousing when a beautiful woman knows how to strip for them.

And here’s the big surprise. Most men don’t want some strange woman doing these exotic and intimate dances for them. They would love to see their woman, the girl they fell in love with – do it for them.

So why not take advantage of what you just learned, and do something that will bring you closer together? Give him what he wants, so he doesn’t have to go get it somewhere else. He’ll be so happy you took the initiative, and prepared something for him that you knew he’d love.

But where can a “good girl” learn how to strip tease and do a lap dance?

Well, you could start going to strip clubs and watching those girls, day after day… or you could take a class.

But we like to work smarter, not harder. In these days of the Internet and instant access to information, you don’t have to wait for your strip tease class to start in 3 months. You can download a live video, step by step course, that’ll teach your what you need to know BY THIS AFTERNOON. Sure you won’t get it all in 10 minutes, but you can know it TODAY…

There are several courses out there, but one we’ve found that we’re impressed with is Lapdance Unleashed, produced by Jay Archer and Tiffany Claire.

Jay and Tiffanly put together lap dance and striptease instructional videos and step-by-step written instructions for the girl-next-door.
A little something for the woman who’s looking for something new, hot and exciting turn up the heat in her relationship.

One thing we really liked about this video course is that it teaches the “woman next door” how to give a lap dance with total confidence. It’s not intended for “strippers in training” (though it could be), but rather for the real woman who’s looking for something new, hot and exciting turn up the heat in her relationship.

You’ll learn to strip and lap dance for your man with simple instructional video lessons that take all the mystery out of learning how to strip & lap dance. And instead of getting embarrassing DVD packages in the mail, you’ll be able to just watch these from any computer, anywhere, anytime. Right away.

So if you love your man, why not at least consider it?

Jay and Tiffany have broken down stripping and lap dancing to a science, and they teach you how to do it in 8 simple video lessons…

Part 1: How To Prepare For Giving Your Man The Sexiest Lapdance Of His Life!

You’ll learn about everything from the right music to put on, to what to wear, to techniques for creating massive confidence and sex appeal…

Part 2: How To Start The Lapdance Confidently

If you’ve ever wondered how exactly to start giving your man a lapdance without looking awkward or silly, then this section is for you.

Part 3: How To Perform The Seven Basic Lapdance Moves

Follow along as Tiffany Claire demonstrates how to perform the seven basic moves of a good lapdance, with step-by-step online videos, pictures, and simple written instructions.

Part 4: How To Master The Six Advanced Lapdance Moves

Use these moves when you’re ready to take the lapdance to the next level and really turn your man on.

Part 5: How To Remove Your Clothes Seductively, Without Looking (Or Feeling) Silly…

How to remove your clothes in the most seductive and sexy way possible, without fumbling or looking silly.

Part 6: How To End The Lapdance With Total Confidence

Find out how to avoid the sometimes awkward situation right at the end of the lapdance, after you’ve worked your man into a speechless frenzy of anticipation… so you can confidently take control of the situation and lead it into wherever you want it to go next.

Part 7: How To Put It All Into Action, Step-By-Step

Part 8: Answers From Jay Archer And Tiffany Claire

Answers to all your biggest and most pressing questions about lap dancing.

They also throw in a bunch of pretty cool bonuses, including “Look Good Naked – Five Beauty Secrets From Professional Exotic Dancers” and “Blowjob Tutorial – What Every Man Wishes You Knew About Giving Head”

Check out How to Srip – Lapdance Unleashed and let us know what you think. Better yet, let us know what your guy had to say after your “little surprise”.

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