How To Turn Her On And Off


Intimacy starts when you and your girl start to act sexual towards each other. It means sexual tension is there and you are both thinking of sex. Perhaps you have started kissing, touching hands and even petting during your dates, even when you are in a public place. You know it’s “on” when you begin exchanging sexual innuendo whenever you talk on the phone or in person.

Sexual tension is present when a girl is turned on, but some guys who stumble upon that particular switch inside a girl’s brain can never seem to figure out how to do it again. Keep reading to find out how to turn a girl on, and the things that you should avoid if you don’t want to turn her off.

Be Spontaneous But Mind Your Timing

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When you’re on your date with a woman, there are so many chances to get intimate, but the crucial thing here is timing. Caressing her hand during a romantic movie makes a woman feel warm and turned on, while touching her breasts when you’re watching horror is definitely off. Recognize the best timing for overtly sexual moves, and be extremely aware of her reactions.

For instance, if she stiffens and acts cold, then she’s probably not comfortable with your public display of affection. A lot depends on how uninhibited the girl is, and her views on making out in public. Wait until you’re in a relatively deserted place before you think about grabbing her. Spontaneity is sexy, but only if the timing is good.

The Goodbye Kiss

The end of the date is very crucial. It gives you and the girl an idea of your future as a couple, and as lovers. The best thing that could happen is that the girl invites you in for a nightcap. The worst that could happen is she goes inside without looking back with a cold “goodnight.”

What goes wrong during this phase that causes a girl to lose interest? Well, a lot of things. Let’s start with the goodbye kiss. If your kiss is too safe, like it’s a peck that conveys disinterest, there’s really no reason why the girl will invite you in.

If the kiss is too passionate, like when you shove your tongue down her throat, she will think that you couldn’t wait to get to the sex. Kiss her gently, without hesitating. And, make sure you kiss her in a way that leaves her breathless with anticipation.

The key is to make the girl feel comfortable during your date so that she’s thinking about getting it on with you by the time you get to her doorstep. Failure to turn your date into the beginning of an intimate relationship happens when only one partner is willing to go for it. Push a girl’s buttons right and you can turn her on. Making her feel uncomfortable and freaked out during your date will turn her off.

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