How To Turn Her On By Just Touching Her Hair!


Foreplay is an essential first step to great sex with a woman, but did you know you could arouse a woman just by fondling her hair?

Hair plays a significant role in most cultures. Elaborate wigs were introduced as a sign of social status in 17th century Europe. Geishas spent years learning how to create intricate styles that reflected their success.

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In the 1960s men grew their hair long as a sign of rebellion, and then in the 70s women cut theirs short when androgynous was the style. In the new millennium, almost every actress and model uses hair extensions to create flowing, Lady Godiva locks. With hair so much at the forefront of our consciousness, it’s a wonder that it’s so widely overlooked as a tool for erotic pleasure.

Whether it’s long, short, curly, straight, light, or dark, your woman probably has hair. In fact, it was probably one of the first things you noticed about her. Since then, you may have begun to view it as that thing that gets in your mouth when you’re making out and chokes you during sex. Well, it’s time to reclaim the hair as a source of pleasure! Here are a few tricks you can use to amp up the eroticism.

Be Gentle And Sweet

Brush the loose hairs out of her face when kissing her. There doesn’t actually have to be anything there, but the gesture shows that you are considerate of her. Feeling valued by you is key to her physical attraction to you. If you show that you’re paying attention to her welfare, even in minutia, she will feel closer to you, and therefore happier to let you get inside her.

Use her locks to tickle her face, neck, and wherever else you can reach. Slow and light caresses with the ends of her hair will both relax and entice her. It will mimic the feeling of being stroked with a feather. But don’t let her have all the fun. Have her do the same to you, only she’s not limited to just your upper body.

Moving Towards Being More Aggressive

Go ahead and pull it! Now, before diving right in and taking a handful, double-check with your partner to make sure there’s no weave action you may be yanking out. When you’re passionately kissing, grab a handful at the base of her head. Yank it back, and kiss her neck. Make sure this is firm but gentle.

You don’t want to pull any hairs out, as that will interrupt the erotic energy. Also, if you’re inside, or even hitting it from behind, go ahead and yank on her mane. Make sure you know your girl well before attempting this move. If she has any issues with dominance, she may feel degraded. However, if she has dominance fantasies, that one will send her over the edge and straight to orgasm!

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