Massage Her Breasts THIS Way And She’ll Be Putty In Your Hands!


Breasts are lovely areas that we men like to look at, fondle, lick, and suck. They are also very arousing areas for women. With this combination of our adoration for them, and women’s desire to be touched there, she can really be turned on with the right timing and techniques.

Always Start Gently

Important note! Remember: the breasts can be very sensitive depending on the woman  and the time of the month she is experiencing at the moment. The entire area of the breast is very delicate and sensitive, especially around the nipple. The key is to start with a light and gentle touch, and increase pressure if she prefers it. Pay attention to her body language – if she ever winces, then let up on the pressure and continue only with soft caresses and strokes.

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An overview of the first technique will be a movement that starts from one location (the chest) and sweeps down the sides of her body, up over her stomach and back to her chest.

Cupping And Massaging The Breasts

Begin with your hands placed flat over her chest just slightly above her breasts. Then, you will want to pull each of your hands away from each other towards, and down to, the sides of her body. Now your hands will be flat against each side of her body just below her armpit area. From here, slide your hands all the way down her sides to just above her waist. Then, slide your hands up towards and on top of her stomach. Next, slide your hands up from her stomach back to her chest where they originally started. Repeat this move as many times as you and her enjoy it. You can as well reverse the move by circling both hands around in the opposite direction.

On the last round of the above movement as you are approaching her breasts, run your flattened hands directly over the tops of her breasts and up towards her shoulders, then run them back down over them again. Then on your way back up, stop your hands right on top of them and just hold them there for a few moments. Slowly, begin massaging both of them with both hands in a very light squeezing motion. Another good breast massage technique is to place a hand on each breast, moving your right hand in a clockwise direction and your left hand in a counter clockwise direction. Massage directly over them in circles for a few minutes.

Tease By Moving To Another Part Of Her Body And Then Going Back To Her Breasts

It’s good to give the breast direct attention, but like any other body part, take a moment here and there to break your foreplay routine and explore other areas close to, but not touching her breasts, such as her upper chest, upper arms and shoulders, stomach, and sides of her upper torso again. This will soothe, tease, and create sexual anticipation on her part. You can then come back and continue on her breasts for further stimulation.

Her Highly Excitable Nipples

Women’s nipples are highly sensitive areas that when touched and fondled just right will really get her juices flowing. Some women are even known to have orgasms directly from nipple stimulation. Just be sure to be aware of her personal sensitivity in these areas, going as far as checking in with her by asking what she likes and doesn’t like. Be sure to use a soft voice anytime you feel the need to talk to her, as it will help maintain the mood.

Using your thumb and index finger, gently and directly massage her nipples in a rotating motion moving clockwise and counterclockwise.

Next, place your hands flat over her nipples and roll around them using the palm of your hands. Now, taking your thumb and forefinger, gently pull up on her nipples to slightly elongate them. Switch around the above movements every so often and see which ones she likes and gets most excited over.

Now that you have a few basics, feel free to experiment and try your own movements and techniques. The idea here is to have fun and create pleasure for her. As a note of caution, if she isn’t that into it, move on and continue to explore other areas of her body.

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