3 Moves To Heighten Her Arousal


An orgasm is the icing on the cake for a woman – here are some easy ways to increase your lover’s chances of having an orgasm during sex.

These next moves are specifically designed for increased stimulation when she has become aroused and lubricated, heading toward orgasm. If your wife is not naturally lubricated but is clearly aroused and ready for more intense sensations, it’s time to break out the bottled lube. Lube is definitely a worthy investment for these landmark moves.

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If your wife is not naturally lubricated but is clearly aroused and ready for more intense sensations, it’s time to break out the bottled lube.

1. U-Turn Again

This move stimulates the urethra and prepares your wife for the possibility of a squirting orgasm. Spread her labia using the thumb and forefinger from above, and use your other hand to gently stroke a lubricated finger over the delicate spot between her vagina and clitoris.

Don’t stimulate her clit directly, unless she asks you to, and don’t penetrate her just yet either. You may have to use the thumb and ring finger of your other hand to hold her inner labia apart and spot her urethral opening. Once you do, you can use just the very tip of your index finger to tease and tickle the little bump and get her ready for intense orgasms.

2. Rollie-Pollie

Another great massage technique, this move is excellent as you get closer to penetration. It ensures maximum blood flow to her outer genitalia, which will help increase the overall stimulation levels that lead her to orgasm.

Using the pad of your thumb against the side of your index finger, grasp one of her outer labia in each hand and roll them back and forth. Work your way down from her mound to her perineum and then back up again. Vary your speed and pressure based on her response, and get ready for a wet and wild ride coming your way.

3. Heavy Petting

Turning things around again, this move is a great return to a position where your wife can pleasure your penis a bit as well, either with her hands or her mouth. Whether you are on your knees or lying on your side, face her feet, close enough to her groin that the heel of your hand can rest comfortably on the top of her mons.

This is a great follow up to the cupping, drumming and rumbling techniques above in this same position, but again, is best once she is lubricated, so use this as a cue to add a drop or two, if she isn’t already wet.

Let your hands drape down over her vulva and with your index and ring fingers holding her outer labia, slide your middle finger between them, and run it through the folds of her inner labia from top to bottom. Be sure to keep your hand on her pubic mound, and don’t be too forceful or exuberant with this one, unless she asks you to up the ante. Her inner lips are fine and delicate, so they will feel even the lightest touch.

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