4 Ways You’re Touching Her Wrong


Foreplay is something you never, ever want to skip before sex but what if you're doing it wrong? Could you be wasting your time when it comes to foreplay?Your partner can tell a lot by your touch, including exactly how you feel about touching her. Whether you’re nervous, unskilled, aggressive or … [Read more...]

Top 3 Erogenous Zones Of The Torso For Excellent Foreplay


Foreplay is vital before sex. Learn the top erogenous zones of a woman's torso to make you're job exponentially easier when trying to seduce a woman. 1. Neck & Shoulders The neck and shoulders, a well-known erogenous zone – tickles at first, but when she gets the hang of it, she’ll demand a … [Read more...]

Why A Handjob Can Be Better Than A Blowjob!


A handjob might take you back to highs school, but it can be better than a blowjob. The touch of a soft ladies hand stroking our rod and lightly caressing our scrotum and nearby regions is divine.Most men who have been the fortunate recipient of a magnificent handjob will attest that it is often … [Read more...]

How To Get Any Girl BEGGING For You To Sleep With Them!


Foreplay is essential to getting primed for sex. Even if you’re the best lover in the world, getting to a point where your girl is ready can be more erotic than the actual act. As a guy, we’re ready for sex at any point.We go from limp to hard in a matter seconds. While this is great for a … [Read more...]