Q&A: How Many Sex Foreplay Options Can We List In 30 Seconds?


Foreplay, for many couples, is the cornerstone of their sexual experiences. However, many couples just don’t engage in enough foreplay! For most of them, a lack of good, fresh ideas is what keeps them from really exploring foreplay with their partner. What are some new foreplay ideas that you can share with your partner?

Foreplay (Wikipedia) – is a set of intimate psychological and physical acts between two or more people meant to create and increase sexual arousal, in anticipation of sexual intercourse.

Can be anything from flirting to playful teasing, to physical stimulation and beyond.


Physical Stimulation

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Many foreplay options include physical stimulation. This is the most direct route to get your partner turned on before sexual intercourse. Touching your partner all over their body, especially in their erogenous zones, can heat things up in the bedroom pretty quickly. Physical stimulation during foreplay can include anything and everything from oral sex, kissing, genital massage and much, much more. Sometimes, just physical stimulation isn’t enough when it comes to foreplay. Oral sex and hand jobs can only go so far time and time again. Although these things are pleasurable, our bodies and minds desire something fresh and new in the bedroom every once in awhile. Get creative with sex toys and come up with new ways to turn each other on physically before sexual intercourse.

Psychological Stimulation

A big part of foreplay, especially for women, is the psychological factor. A person’s mindset plays an important role in the quality of sex, and for many people, being sufficiently turned on mentally is a huge prerequisite for great sex. You can have psychological or mental foreplay with your partner all day if you want. Send sexy text messages to each other, make a naughy phone call or simply give your partner those bedroom eyes to let them know you are turned on and you want it at the soonest possible moment. You can turn your partner on this way well before you even get to the bedroom! One great way to turn your partner on psychologically is to watch pornography with them, or read a steamy novel or erotic book together. All you have to do is use your imagination a little bit and you can come up with dozens of ways to turn your partner on without laying a finger on them.

Making Foreplay A Bigger Part Of Your Sexual Routine

No sex life that doesn’t incorporate at least some degree of foreplay is a good one. While quickies are certainly satisfying sometimes, nothing can take the place of some good old fashioned creative foreplay in the bedroom. Both men and women enjoy foreplay and most of them report wanting more of it – so why isn’t everyone doing it? Foreplay takes time and these days, we’re lucky to have a few moments to ourselves to use the restroom in between work and kids. So foreplay often gets crossed off the list of “Things We Wish We Had More Time For.” Here’s the thing – you’re going to need to make time for more foreplay. The quality of sex with your partner will greatly improve because of it!

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