Sex Tips – A Quick Lesson On Female Anatomy


Intimate touching is more than just humping until you are done. You need to explore a woman’s body and find out which spots are most susceptible to kissing, licking and fondling. It’s not true that women need more to get aroused. In fact, women are more likely to get turned on faster than men. It’s difficult to believe, but it’s true. You just have to find her erogenous zones, and discover how to touch those areas properly.

Don’t rush touching your wife or girlfriend everywhere whenever you can. Sex starts by exploring with your hands, followed by your lips and tongue. You already know that a woman can orgasm just by touching her clitoris, vagina and nipples, but there are other parts of her body that contribute to her pleasure during sex. Here are some of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s anatomy.

The Nape Of Her Neck

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As a rule, any part on a woman’s body that is often covered by thick hair is an erogenous zone. The nape of a woman’s neck is extremely sensitive because it is often hidden from the elements by her hair. Even if your girlfriend has short hair, it is guaranteed that kissing her on the nape will send shivers down her spine.

The Area Just Below Her Chin

When a woman lifts her head, like when you’re in bed and she’s throwing her head back in pleasure, she reveals the sensitive skin right below her jaw line. This skin connects her neck and her jaw and is very sensitive to touching. It takes so little effort to lean your head and kiss her gently on that spot.

The Inner Part Of Her Arm

Lift her arm to reveal the hairless inner part that is less tanned than the part of her arm with hair. The hairless area near her elbows is filled with nerves that send sensations of pleasure when touched.

Her Hip Bone

Just below her waist is her hipbone. The skin covering her hipbones is so thin that pressing on it will either cause pain or pleasure (depending on how skilfully you touch her there). When a woman is lying down, her hipbones are more evident, which should give you the opportunity to kiss and caress that part of her anatomy.


The perineum is a sensitive spot in between the vagina and the anus. The skin is so thin that the woman can feel extreme pleasure if you touch her there with your mouth or with a wet finger. This is another hot erogenous zone you should know about if you want to learn how to please a woman sexually.

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