Striptease Tips: How To Give Him A Lap Dance He Won’t EVER Forget!


A striptease can be a super hot gift to give to your guy. Men are almost solely visual creatures and by taking advantage of this, you can really kick your sex life up a notch and get your fella lusting after you like never before. Learn how to give him a lap dance that he will think about for a LONG time!

Song Choice

Song choice is actually very important when it comes to doing a striptease. You want to choose a song that sounds sexy and makes you think of sex as soon as you hear it, but also one that has a beat that works well with your current dancing skills. If the beat is too fast and you’re not experienced at the art of lap dance, you’re going to look funny doing it. Similarly, if you choose something too slow, you may end up feeling awkward when you end up with several pauses during the striptease. Listen to several songs before you make your selection, and make sure it’s a song that makes you feel sexy. If it doesn’t, you won’t look sexy doing it.

Outfit Choice

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Although you’ll definitely be taking your clothes off (it’s a striptease, duh), your outfit choice for the lap dance is also important. You want to choose lingerie that looks good on you, no matter what body type you have. Accentuate the parts of your body that you and your man love (like a killer rack if you’ve got one) and hide the parts you’re shy about – a camisole teddy can hide your tummy if that’s your trouble area, or a pair of sexy stiletto “F-Me” boots will draw his attention away from your thighs.

You may think that perfecting your moves is more important than your outfit choice when it comes to giving a lap dance, but quite the opposite is true. You could actually have quite awkward moves, but if you’re wearing something that looks just right on you and accentuates the good and hides the flaws, you’re going to look a hell of a lot less like you’re dancing like a chicken with your head cut off. Your outfit also plays into your confidence – if you KNOW you look downright delectable, you’re going to feel that way. And you’re moves will be sexier during your striptease without you even having to try.

Watch YouTube Videos

There are a ton of YouTube videos that will show you how to do a striptease or a lap dance and actually watching what to do can be a lot more helpful than reading about standing “X” amount of centimeters from your guy and doing clockwise and counterclockwise hip grinds at a 90 degree angle. A lap dance shouldn’t be that technical! So do a little searching on YouTube and watch how other girls are doing it. You may find some striptease videos made by professionals, but you’ll find a lot more lap dance videos just made by girls who want to show off the goods. Don’t immediately discount these videos! Sure, you may just be watching some chick get her striptease on for her webcam, but some of those girls have some pretty killer moves. Just sayin’.

Practice! (And Consider Recording Yourself Or At Least Watching In A Mirror)

If your beau is away from the home at all, take advantage of ANY time you have alone to practice your moves. Practice makes perfect, and you’ll feel a LOT more comfortable doing a lap dance if you’ve done it by yourself several times first. It may feel awkward to dance for no one, but if you do your striptease for the very first time in front of your partner, you’re going to have way too much pressure on you – and it will most likely turn out to be a big FLOP.

Practice in front of the mirror, so you can actually see what you’re doing. Perhaps a particular move you do looks fab, but you just need to tighten your abs a little bit during that move to take it to the next level and make yourself look even hotter – or maybe you feel great doing a particular move, but it doesn’t translate well when you’re actually watching it. You would never know these things if you didn’t watch your own striptease! Professional exotic dancers do it all the time, and you need to as well. Consider filming yourself too and playing it back. The more you practice your lap dance, the more comfortable you’ll get doing it – and the HOTTER you’ll look when you actually DO it for your lover. If you have enough time to practice and perfect your striptease, your beau will be COMPLETELY surprised at how much you look and act like a PRO!

Grab Your Junk

Don’t be afraid to grab your breasts and squeeze or jiggle them, smack your own ass or even let your hand slip beneath your panties. Touch yourself the way you want him to touch you – but just like in a strip club, he’s not allowed to touch you. Inform him that the rules of the “club” are that the dancers are never to be touched, so he must only watch. Then, grab your own stuff, manhandle yourself, smack your ass, lick your own nipples (if you can) and drive him CRAZY by doing to yourself everything he wishes he could do to you! This is especially helpful if the actual “dancing” part is something you’re not that great at.

Have Confidence

More so than any “move” or “technique” you could do during a striptease, your confidence is what will make your man’s jaw drop. In a line of girls, you could be the WORST dancer, but if you’re confident enough to show off your stuff, you’re going to look way better than the girls who can actually dance but are too chicken to make eye contact. Besides, you’re not going to be dancing in front of your guy with a bunch of other girls. He’s going to be watching YOU and you only.

Make him feel like you’ve got eyes only for him by looking deep into his eyes as you touch your body. Strut your stuff! You’ve practiced, you’re wearing a killer outfit (you probably should do hair and makeup too – some guys dig a dolled up gal and some don’t, but often doing hair and makeup will make you feel even more like a bombshell) and the song you picked just oozes sex. Get it girl, and don’t stop until his eyes look like they’re going to pop out of his head!

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