The Power Of Pre-Sex: 1 Simple (But Powerful) Sex Trick Guaranteed To Make Her Crave Sex All Day Long


When it comes to having an orgasm, men are like microwave ovens, and women are like crock pots.

To make a meal in a microwave, all you need to do is buy a microwave dinner set, push a few buttons and you can get a complete meal in less than 3 minutes.

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On the other hand, women are more like crock pots.  You’ll need time to prepare and cook the food slowly.  But in the end, the food will probably taste a lot better (and be healthier!) than what you can do in the microwave.

My point is: compared to men (and microwave ovens), women, just like cooking with a crock pot, need more preparation & cooking time to get the desired result.  In other words, women generally need more foreplay in order to have an orgasm.  Most people think in terms of physical foreplay as a prerequisite before having sex.

But let me tell you: the most powerful form of foreplay comes hours before any sort of physical contact.  That foreplay is psychological foreplay.

What I’m about to teach you is a quick and easy way to plant of a seed of sexual desire in her mind.  This pre-sex tip will get her hot and bothered, thinking of being with you throughout the day!

Before we jump into details, let me warn you:  This tip works best if you’re already in an established relationship.  If you’ve only started dating a girl, save this technique for later.

The Pre-Sex Text Message Technique

In the morning, while she’s at work, send her a text message.  Here’s an example:

“Hi honey – I can’t stop thinking about making love with you later today”.

I know it sounds cheesy, but believe me, it works!

TIP: If you write something more specific (and explicit), this could have a better effect.

The reason why this works is that this message will get her brain thinking of what you wrote throughout the day.  It becomes a virus in her mind and every time she thinks about it, she’ll be excited.  Even if she tells herself not to think about sex with you because she’s at work, it will backfire and think about it MORE.

You’ll be setting the mood ahead, and make her crazy with anticipation about what’s going to happen later on tonight.

She’ll realize that you are thinking of her, and showing your enthusiasm (in a polite way that is flattering) will only get her more excited.  In fact, she could be having a bad day, but once she gets that text message, she’s going to think “someone is thinking of me, and they can’t wait to touch my body!”

If you do this right, what you wrote in the pre-sex text message will be the prevalent thought in her head throughout the rest of her day.  She’ll be thinking of you and the how you want to please her in bed…and the fact that it will happen later on that night!

But don’t take my word for it.  Try it out for yourself!

Now That She’s Psychologically Aroused, What Next?

Well, now that you’ve got her ready for a night of lovemaking, you don’t want to let her down by not being able to give her orgasms in bed.  You want to keep your momentum going and make sure you have an arsenal of lovemaking techniques at your fingertips.  Check out my free newsletter below and learn exclusive tips and techniques to give your girl orgasms.

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