3 Tips To Warm Up Your Man For Sex


If you have been trying hard to “ignite” a man’s passion because you are eager to take the next step, or because you are very much into him, you are probably secretly dreading that he will remain lukewarm towards you and your efforts will amount to nothing.

What you need to know is that there are certain ways to make a man fall in love with you romantically and sexually. Some women have not figured out what it takes to turn the “sensual switch” on inside a man’s brain, and it is because these women do not fully understand what it is that arouses a man’s sense of passion and imagination.

Sexual Innuendo

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Straightforward talk will not make your man ignite. Sensual talk, or that kind of conversation that involves all his senses, will arouse him more. What do I mean with sensual talk? It means you describe something rather than tell him directly.

For instance, you mail him while he is at work on a Friday and you talk about finding your old cheerleader outfit in one of the attic boxes you have been cleaning. Instead of saying you will wear the outfit that night, describe how skimpy the skirt is, and how the buttons on the blouse almost don’t close because your breasts have grown.

Sexual innuendo will fire up his imagination and get him thinking about you doing it with him.

Your “Other Side”

If you just started a relationship with a guy, or you’re in your first months of being husband and wife, you can pull this strategy off nicely. Casually ask your man about his first impression of you. Depending on his response, say something like “yeah, that’s the usual first impression. But there’s a quirk to my personality that you haven’t seen yet…”

Being mysterious even to a guy you’ve known forever will make him feel excited. He won’t know what to expect. He will be mystified and curious, so you’d better prepare a nice surprise. If you’re usually prim and proper, act like a harlot in bed that night. If you’re usually passionate and fiery, act like a blushing virgin.

Give Him A Blowjob

Blowjob, by definition, means taking him in your mouth. But did you know that for a guy, this definition has another clause attached to it? The truth is, a blowjob isn’t considered relevant unless you do it for more than thirty seconds. If all you ever do is quickly take him inside your mouth and bob your head a few times, I’m sorry to tell you but that’s not blowing him at all.

If you can prove to your man that you know how to please him, you won’t even need to warm him up. As soon as you give him the eye, he will come scampering to your side because he knows that sex will always be good with you.

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