How To Touch Her During Foreplay The Right Way


Foreplay includes lots of touching and caressing, but it’s not always easy to figure out where she wants to be touched. Here’s how to do it the right way.

Foreplay skills and techniques can get complicated, but the basic premise remains the same. Most women are very touchoriented and need some kind of good touch every day to remain connected and compassionate. This does not mean sex. A palm on the small of the back, hugs, kisses and holding hands in public are all important ways to keep an intimate connection in those brief moments when you don’t have time to get naked. On the other hand, touching during foreplay will bring a whole new element to your sexual escapades.

The Rules Of Good Touching During Foreplay

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Rule #1 – There Are No Hard And Fast Rules

No one, not even me, can tell you exactly how to touch your wife so she will get off effortlessly every time. What I can do is give you all the skills and practices you need to approach her, adventure with her and discover a whole new sexual landscape! You are probably pretty dejected right now, but chin up love. All will soon become clear as sunny blue skies.

The next two rules for foreplay are only guidelines. Sometimes a quickie is preferable to a long night of exploring; now and again you will want to try a new technique and might not know exactly what you’re doing before you’re doing it. Don’t fret. Accept that this is a journey of discovery and enjoy the experience. It has to be better than what you’re doing right now, or you wouldn’t be here, right?

Rule #2 – Take Your Time

Yes, sometimes we want it quick and dirty. Really. But we also need you need to be precise, calm and able to go with the flow. Don’t rush us. Don’t come to bed with a set list in your hand and don’t expect a stellar opening-night performance if we haven’t had a few dress rehearsals first. Smart men go slowly.

The only way you are ever going to be able to tell if your wife is enjoying your new moves is if you pay attention, and you can’t pay attention if you are busy ripping clothes off and throwing sheets aside and jumping on top of her. This kind of sex has its place, but now is not the time to try something new and get experimental. Save the new stuff for the days when you have a half hour or more set aside to really take a deep breath and get into each other.

Rule #3 – Know Your Stuff

Self-explanatory, right? You and I both know that learning how to do anything is more difficult than just reading it on a page (or a screen, as the case may be). Practice makes perfect!

The Magic Touch

In The Multi-Orgasmic Couple, two pairs of lifetime partners (Mantak and Maneewan Chia, experts in Taoist sexuality, along with sexperts Douglas and Dr. Rachel Carleton Abrams) describe a journey of sexual exploration through expanding the use of touch and the experience of pleasure during foreplay. Recognizing that male sexual desire is fast and furious, they say that magic touch comes from the ability of a man to keep his fires burning low and under control. A relaxed smile and a slow patience is required to ignite a woman’s passion, like the gentle breath and patient coaxing required to enflame any ember into a roaring fire.

Take turns, or watch each other while self touching during foreplay. Explore your own body and leave your penis for last. Let her see how turned on you get from watching her.

Meditating on magic touch can help to cultivate love. The process is simple and laid back, taking both of you through the process of experiencing touch fully. After spending some time gazing into each other’s eyes, touch yourself. Take turns, or watch each other while self-touching.

We humans are wonderful in that we can both resonate (amplify) and reflect (reciprocate) sexual energy from other humans. As you each get more turned on, you both get more turned on, and as you both get more turned on, you each are able to turn the other on more.

Pay close attention as she is touching herself during foreplay – where do her hands go? How much time do they spend in each location and how are her hands moving? Smile as you watch your wife – don’t let your focus turn into a frustrated look on your face. Try and keep your attention open not just to what she is doing, but how it makes her feel, how her vital stats respond, and how your own body receives, resonates and returns that energy to her with more power than she can muster on her own.

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