10 Reasons You’re A Bad Kisser


Kiss someone the right way, and it is one of the most erotic actions that you can take with someone. A kiss can be something as little as a peck or as big as a make out session. But how do you know if you’re a bad kisser? Being a bad kisser is something that a lot of girls are, but few know. If you’re a bad kisser, you can recover with a little practice. Knowing a generalization of what your partner will like can help you on your way back to the light. Bad kissing can be just as awful as bad sex, so keep on your toes and apply the following information to your regiment.

1. You’re A Robot

Guys want sex. I don’t think this a huge revelation, but some women tend to forgo kissing and go straight for the ”you know what.” When you take your time and let emotion out, the guy can anticipate what is coming next. Being a robot and just going through the motions is never good. Do your part and put a little effort into your kissing. Passion can be just as important as your technique.

2. You’re A Too Much Tongue Gal

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Your tongue can be a huge turn on when kissing, but if you use it too much he might feel like you’re mining for coal. Use your tongue to play with his but don’t give him a root canal. If you feel him closing his mouth and using his lips more, you know that you’re using too much tongue. Lay off the tongue and use it about half as much.

3. You’re Too Handsy

Your hands can wander while you are kissing, but kissing should more of a symphony than a bomb. You want to build up to the main event, not give it away instantly. If you do not use your hands to escalate the situation, you could be seen as frigid or a prude.

4. You’re A Stabber

Have you ever seen those discovery channel movies where the cobra snaps at a rat? This is not the motion that you want to do with your tongue. If you are essentially stabbing your victim with your tongue, you need to cut it out. This can be annoying and most likely he’s closed his mouth while you are trying to invade him. Go slowly and you will see much better results.

5. You’re A St. Bernard

Remember in Beethoven when that dog shook his slobber all over the walls? If your guy is lying in bed with raingear and galoshes, you can be sure that you use too much spit when you kiss. Salivating is a natural occurrence when you are kissing, but too much of it can be disgusting. Hold back and take a half second to swallow before you move back in. You and your guy will happy that you did.

6. You’re Gross

Yes, you might be gross. Do you take the necessary steps to ensure that you have soft lips and good breath? If not, you’re mouth is probably the last thing on his mind. Carry mints and dental floss with you in your handbag to ensure that you have good breath and nothing in your teeth before you start kissing.

7. You’re A Windmill

When you kiss, you should always be aware of too much circular motion that you’re giving. Save this for oral sex. When you are kissing, you should never act like a windmill. In all honesty, there is no counter attack for this move. The guy will not know what to do and he could easily freeze up.

8. You’re A Woodpecker

A peck on the lips or the cheek is great if you’re kissing your uncle, but you shouldn’t be doing this with a significant other. Pecking during a make out session can easily turn the guy off. There is nothing passionate or sexual about continuously pecking at his face.

9. You’re A Sucker

Do you like to suck on the guy’s tongue or lips? Some guys are really into this, while others are not. If you are sucking on a guys tongue lips, ease into it. No guy wants to be completely mauled right off the bat even if they are into it. Gauge his interest by easing into and see how it goes.

10. You’re A Biter

Biting a the lip is a great way to spice things up, but if you do it too hard you might draw a little blood. Biting a little can be really hot, but you should do it intermittently. Don’t make biting a something that you do all the time. Do it every 10-15 seconds to keep him wanting more.

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