Drive Him Wild With Just A Kiss – 4 Must Try Moves


Kissing is of course a prelude to great sex, but sometimes a kiss can be all you need to drive your man wild. There are many different kissing techniques you can use, but sometimes techniques aren’t what really turn him on – it’s often the type of kiss that will send him to the moon. Here’s how to master four different types of kisses that you can use throughout the day to tease him and make him wonder what’s next after the day is over and the bedroom doors are closed!

The Greeting Kiss

You may not think that the quick “hello” kiss after you both arrive home from work is worth much, but you can definitely turn it into something that will make your man’s brain switch from regular mode to “I-Want-Sex-Now” mode almost instantaneously. When you first see your guy, before you say a single word to him, take a few seconds to look him up and down and bite or lick your lips playfully. When you have his interest piqued, plant a big kiss on him when he’s least expecting it. Make this kiss last at least several seconds, almost as though it were foreplay, and don’t be afraid to kiss him deeply with your lips and tongue. You are letting him know, “this is what I’ve been thinking about all day.” Pull back slowly and look him in the eyes meaningfully. Then say, “hello!”

The Full On Make Out

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Remember when you and your guy were first together and hadn’t had sex yet? Remember when making out was so great because you weren’t sure whether it was just going to be kissing or maybe it would be something more this time? If your sex life has been suffering from the “Stuck On Home Base” syndrome and you’re just heading straight for sex with your guy because that’s what you always do, you can definitely use this kissing technique to your advantage. When you’re in the mood, set the stage by giving your guy a full on French kiss. Then keep kissing him, and then after that, kiss him some more. Make no move to go any further than just making out and if he makes a move, gently deflect it for a few minutes. He’ll be going crazy wondering if – and when – you’re going to turn it into something more! Your guy will likely be erect during the make out session, and a great deal of blood will be pumping to his penis the entire time. This will work to your advantage when you finally do give him a blowjob or a handjob, because it will make the sensations ten times more powerful!

The Just Because You Can Kiss

One of the benefits of being in a long term relationship is getting to kiss your partner whenever you want. That’s the deal, right? Take advantage of the fact that you can kiss your partner whenever you feel like it and give him surprise kisses out of the blue. They can be short or long, as long as none of them are a “quickie peck.” Make sure you mean each and every one of them. Each kiss is meant to say, “You’re mine and I can do this whenever I want and I’m going to.” He may even catch on to the idea and start giving you random, out of the blue kisses too! It also lets him know that you’re thinking of him in that moment and makes him think you just can’t help yourself!

The Goodbye Kiss

The Goodbye kiss is equally as powerful as the Greeting kiss, but it can also be way too understated if you let it. Instead of giving your partner a short hug and kiss goodbye, wrap your arms around your partner and hold them there for a few seconds or minutes. Kiss them deeply and wrap your fingers in their hair, tugging lightly. Heck, why not wrap your leg around him too? The point of this kiss is to say, “I don’t care if you’re going, right now in this moment, it’s just you and me.” Kissing him tenderly and sensually with a hint of urgency and confidence will make him forget anything exists at all except for you and him, right then and there. One of the best benefits of a great Goodbye kiss is that it guarantees that he will pretty much be thinking of you (and what he wants to do to you) the entire time he is gone. Pair this with a sensually powerful Greeting kiss and you have a recipe for absolutely explosive passionate sex!

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