How To Kiss A Girl Without Fear Of Rejection


Flirting with a woman and making the move to kiss her is incredibly intimidating. In fact, most guys clam up before making the move to kiss her for the first time because they’re so afraid of rejection. There’s a lot of pressure for a guy to make the first kiss perfect, because many girls will judge the guy or even the whole relationship just based on how “good” the first kiss is. Being rejected by a woman definitely stings and can keep a lot of guys from even asking a woman out. To lean in and kiss someone for the first time takes confidence – here’s how you can do it and not have the fear of rejection!


Kissing Mistakes Almost Every Guy Makes

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There are two types of kisses that will send a lady running for the hills. Many guys get so nervous and worked up when flirting with a woman that they talk almost non-stop and rush into a kiss before she even has a chance to figure out what is going on. This can make her recoil quickly, which is definitely not the desired reaction to a first kiss. Men will also try their hardest to put a “romantic movie finish” on the end of a date, which may not feel like the right thing to do at the time. He’ll go in for the “movie star” style kiss, which often ends up being awkward or jerky because it’s not the right thing for that particular moment.

Set The Mood

The environment and the mood surrounding a kiss is an essential part in making the atmosphere “feel right” for what is about to happen. Make sure you and your girl are both comfortable and relaxed. You should be sitting close together, perhaps with your hand on her leg or touching each other in some way. Jumping in and kissing her after sitting across the room for ten minutes is just going to be awkward – especially if it’s the first time with a new date! Choose an intimate, romantic spot and spend some time just talking to each other, flirting and building that emotional intimacy. A great first kiss is something that happens naturally, because it’s the “natural” next step to take with each other in that moment. A bad kiss is one that is forced and uncomfortable or awkward and jerky.

Is She Ready To Be Kissed?

Part of making sure you’re kissing your woman at the right time is reading and interpreting her body language. Believe it or not, she’s using her body language to let you know that she’s wanting you to make the next move – you just have to pick up on it. Here are some things she’ll do if she’s showing you she wants you to move on in for a soft peck – or more.

  • Is she leaning towards you or getting closer to you?
  • Is she making an effort to touch you in some way?
  • Does she seem to really want to be in your space?
  • When you touch her, does she pull away or lean in for more?
  • Is she watching your mouth or watching your lips move when you speak?
  • Is she licking her lips?
  • Is she flirting back?

Use Your Own Body Language

Practice flirting with your date and get her primed for a kiss by using your own body language to signal to her what you want to happen next. Here are some great ways you can signal to your lady that you want to move on to the next step and start kissing or making out with her.

  • Lick your lips or watch her lips as she speaks
  • Switch from looking her in the eyes to watching her mouth
  • Lean in close to gauge her reaction to your flirting
  • Touch her in some way, by leaning up against her or laying your hand on her leg as you talk to each other

Making The Move

If she seems like she’s wanting to be kissed, don’t hesitate to make the first move. Don’t wait – if your gut is telling you that now is the right time, it’s important that you take advantage of it. A common way that guys turn a perfect moment into an awkward one is waiting too long after the time is “right” to make a move and flirting with her when she’s really ready for you to put your mouth on hers. If she’s showing you that she’s wanting to kiss, but it doesn’t seem like she wants to rush into it, don’t be afraid to take it slow and make baby steps. You don’t have to go into a full on make out session right away – a soft peck or sweet kiss is just fine for the first time. Use your instinct to judge what feels right and when.

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