How To Be A Great Kisser


The kiss is an art form that a lot of couples assume isn’t necessary – but it is for amazing sex! Learn how to give the best lip service your partner’s ever had.

A kiss tends to be an oversight for some men. We want to get to the main event and rush the foreplay. The problem with this is that women like kissing just as much as sex. When you’re a bad kisser, women instantly shut down. If you’re wondering why you’re not going on more second and third dates, it could be because you’re a bad kisser. Being great at kissing can get you second and third dates based on this fact alone. So if you’re tired of getting the run-around from women and you’re willing to put a little practice into kissing, you can start out with these suggestions.


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Obliviously it goes without saying that your lips are the most important part of kissing. However, a lot of guys forgo taking care of them before they go on a date. During the fall and winter months, lips can be bombarded by colder weather. Chapped and cracked lips are not sexy. Always carry lip balm with you to cut down on having chapped and cracked lips. Nobody wants to start kissing you when your lip could split and start bleeding. Applying lip balm to your lips once every hour will have them repaired in about a day.


Have you ever watched a couple kissing each other? When you watch a couple kiss, they are usually mirroring each other’s actions. When a guy puts his arms around the girl’s waist, she puts her arms around his waist. When the guy turns to the left to kiss his girlfriend, she turns to the left. Mirroring is compliance. This only occurs when the girl is comfortable with the guy. If she is not comfortable while kissing you, you should be able to feel it.


Have you ever seen a guy go in for that kiss with too much momentum? This can be one of the most cringe-worth moments in a guy’s life. Kissing should be able escalation. You want to start slow. Barely touch her lips with you own and then escalate the situation further by kissing a little stronger every 5-6 seconds. When you start out too fast, you ruin the moment. Starting out slow is essential for getting her in the right mood.

Don’t Be Too Stiff

If you’re too stiff while you’re kissing, she will probably not be into it. Locked knees, hands gripping her waist like Stallone in Cliffhanger and a stiff neck are not what you want. Be loose, but firm. Hold her while you’re kissing, but don’t pull her into you so she can’t breath. You want to have mobility to distribute your weight while kissing. Moving your head and rocking back and forth are staples of good kissing. If you’re too stiff she won’t be able to mirror your movements. Remember that you’re leading during the kiss and she is supposed to be mirroring you. It shouldn’t be the other way around.

The Tongue

The tongue is another part of kissing that can be confusing. Yes, using your tongue is a lot of fun, but you shouldn’t be Reptile from Mortal Kombat. Keep that thing in your mouth until it’s time to use it. Don’t immediately shove your tongue into her mouth. This goes back to escalation. You want to ease into using your tongue. When implementing the tongue into kissing you want to gauge the situation based on her reciprocation. If you’re using your tongue and she’s not using it back, you might want to hold off until she feels more comfortable.


Your hands are a good way to pull the girl in closer and turn it on fairly quickly. If you’re hands are roaming around her body or her breasts, she could get uncomfortable. This also comes back to mirroring. When you start kissing, feel free to move your hands around her back and bring them up to her neck or cheeks. If she starts to pull back or she stops you from moving your hands around her, stop moving them immediately. She might be comfortable kissing her, but not comfortable with mauling her with your hands.


Eventually the kissing will stop. When you are stopping you don’t want it to come to a grinding halt. Taper off from the kissing to tease her and leave her wanting more. If you stop immediately you will ruin the whole kiss. Pull your lips away slowly and take a second or two to allow the air to clear. You won’t want to pull away and then just start talking or walk away. Finish strong!

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