How To Get A Girl To Kiss You


Kiss a girl out of nowhere, and she’ll probably push you away. You want to flirt with her, get in her space and create that amazing sexual tension. Your best plan of action is to get HER to kiss YOU! Here’s how.


Things To Consider Before The Kiss

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Many guys fail to plan for a kiss, either because they know they’re too nervous to initiate the kiss, or they just don’t think the girl will want to kiss them. Either way, these guys end up getting stuck right before the kiss worrying about their breath because they just ate hot wings and didn’t bring mints, or because their lips are chapped and aren’t soft enough for a good kiss. Don’t be one of those guys – make sure you are prepared for a kiss before you actually get one by assuming you will get one!

Good Dental Hygiene

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at just how many guys think they can get away without brushing their teeth, using floss and mouthwash or not using gum or mints after they’ve eaten something pungent like onions or garlic. Making sure that your mouth is fresh and clean at all times is the first thing you should do to prepare for kiss. Heck, bring a toothbrush with you if you have to!

Smell Good

Women are attracted to scent. Make sure you carry mints or breath freshener with you, and also wear deodorant that works. Make sure you also chose a cologne that isn’t too overpowering but that also compliments your natural pheromones. If you need help with that, get a friend that is a girl to go cologne shopping with you!

Have A Confident, Masculine Energy About You

Women are attracted to confidence as well. If you act like a wimpy guy who needs her “permission” before going any farther, she’s not going to look twice at you. Convey an energy of confidence and masculinity. Don’t ask if you can buy her a drink – wait until she’s nearly finished with hers and order another for her.

Get In Her Space

A girl probably isn’t going to go out of her way to kiss you. So get in her space – make sure she knows you’re there. Make eye contact with her and touch her lightly on the arm. Flirt with her and get her laughing and interested in what you’re saying. Make sure you ignite that emotional spark she needs to want to get closer to you.

Try scooting your chair a little closer to her or brushing past her on your way to the bar or restroom. See how she reacts to you getting in her space. If she seems to welcome it, that’s your cue to take it a little farther.

Be A Little Touchy-Feely

No, you don’t need to feel your date up. But you do want to get a little closer to her and start touching her when she seems like she’s ready for it. Touch her hair or stroke her cheek gently. Place your hand on her thigh as she’s speaking to you or telling you a joke or story. Hold hands with her – women love hand holding!

Get her to notice your mouth and start thinking about kissing you by licking your lips. Don’t bite your lips if you’re a guy – that’s generally going to make you look a little foolish! Girls can get away with it, but guys? No way. Drink your drink slowly, or through a straw. Whatever you can do to get your date to start noticing your mouth is a great way to get her started thinking about kissing you.

Don’t Be Afraid To Make The First Move

This goes back to having that strong, confident, masculine energy about you. Don’t appear too weak or wimpy by not being able or willing to make the first move. Whether you actually make the first move or not is irrelevant – she will sense that you’re into her and will make a move on her as soon as you get a clear window. She may very well beat you to it!

Go In Strong And Smooth

If you do end up making the first move, don’t sweat it. Be confident about it. Go in smoothly, and don’t make any sudden moves. You don’t want to bump heads or end up kissing her nose, do you? Find out if she wants to take it to the next level by leaning in part of the way and putting yourself in her space, and waiting for her to meet you halfway. Does she lean in for the kiss too, or does she pull away?

If It Doesn’t Happen The Right Way

Sometimes, a first kiss doesn’t go down the way you wanted it to, no matter how much you prepared and planned for it. If this happens to you, relax! Take a few steps back. Keep flirting with her and having fun together, and don’t let the moment get too awkward. It just may not have been the right time or place, or she just might not have felt like it!

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