How To Kiss: French Kissing Tips


French kissing can make a woman melt! Even more so than sex, great kissing can lead to enhanced emotional and physical intimacy between you and your lover. Learn how to kiss and make a girl weak in the knees with just your mouth today!


Get Comfortable With It

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French kissing is much easier when you’re relaxed and comfortable. You don’t want to put too much pressure on yourself worrying about whether you’re doing it right or not, and you don’t want to be so stressed out that she can immediately tell you’re a ball of nerves as soon as the two of you touch lips. Instead, focus on relaxing and being comfortable with it. Take a few deep, calming breaths before you start and just pay attention to what you’re doing and what feels good.

Hold Her Softly Yet Firmly

You may be asking, “How the heck do I hold her softly AND firmly? That doesn’t make sense!” However, there is a way that you can be firm with her and exude your strength and confidence when you kiss her, while also showing her your softer, more sensitive side. You want to hold her in such a way that says, “I really like this and you’re not going anywhere” but that also says, “I’m going to make you feel amazing right now.” If that’s what you’re thinking and feeling, it’s going to come out in the way you touch and caress your lover.

Take Your Time

French kissing isn’t something you want to rush into. You want to savor it – and so does she! So spend some time looking into her eyes and making that deep, soulful eye contact with her. Caress her slowly and work your way up to the good stuff. You don’t want to just jump in feet first and shove your tongue down her throat, because she’s not going to like being taken by surprise like that one bit.

Instead, lick your lips when you make eye contact with her. Start by kissing her lips gently, without tongue. When she parts her lips, you can slowly start to kiss her more deeply, adding light tongue into the mix. You can also take her lead and let her show you where she wants to go with it. However, do keep in mind that part of seducing a woman is showing her that YOU can be in the lead and make her feel incredible.

Gently Wrestle Your Tongue With Hers

Once you’ve led up to the actual french kissing and you two are going at it pretty good, you want to gently wrestle your tongue with hers. You can also nibble her bottom lip a little, or gently suck on her tongue as it makes its way into your mouth. Trace the outline of her lips with your tongue – this will send shivers down her spine! Be creative and use different kissing techniques, but remember you’re still wanting to do this slowly and gently. It’s not a race – you really want to get into it and enjoy it, because she’ll be enjoying it too.

Is She Reciprocating?

Pay attention to your partner’s body language. While you are leading, you don’t want to ignore the subtle cues she’s going to give you that will help you understand more of what she likes and doesn’t like. Is she pulling away? If she is, you’re going at it too hard and giving her too much. She’s overwhelmed. So pull back a little bit yourself and then go in again, softly and slowly to see how she responds.

Is she getting more aggressive with you? Is she leaning towards you and seeming like she’s really into it? She is! Keep going! Even if your partner isn’t using words to describe whether she likes what you’re doing or not, her body language WILL tell you – that is, if you pay attention!

Finding The Right Balance

Just like with holding her firmly yet softly at the same time, you also want to make sure that your mouth movements follow that same “balance.” You definitely don’t want to be too aggressive when kissing her, but you also don’t want to be too loose about it either and have a limp tongue. If you pay attention to her body language and do what feels good, it’s likely you’ll strike the right balance between too soft and too hard.

Making Out Can Be Awesome!

While great french kissing can lead to sex, it doesn’t have to. In fact, great french kissing can be amazing all by itself! If you’re doing it right, it’s not one big, long kiss. It’s a series of smaller kisses that are connected with things like licking her lips or yours, sucking and nibbling her neck or ear or even heavy petting.

Don’t think that just because you’re french kissing a girl that you have to get in her pants, because you don’t. Make out with her and enjoy the journey. Don’t rush through it because you think you’re going to get some sex out of it, because if you do, you’ll ruin it entirely and you might not get any sex anyways!

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