3 Clumsy Ways To Make Your First Kiss Romantic


Kissing is one of the best things you can do to connect with someone you like, but the pressure for it to be amazing is on. What’s a first kiss look like, to you? Probably like a scene from the movies, where the hero and the woman lean in, stop for a second, then violently kiss each other.

In reality, your first kiss may be more like the kiss in the movie “Superbad”: An awkward kiss that leaves one of you disappointed. (In the movie, the woman ends up with a broken nose!)

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Have you ever wondered how you can make your first kiss sweep a woman right off of her feet? Or how to have your first kiss turn her on, so your kiss turns into something more? (Like you being invited into her place?)

The answer is: “Awkward” first kisses are the way to go. And here are three suggestions to help you win the woman of your dreams:

Be Creepier Than Any Other Guy She Knows

Women even have a name for it. “The Stare” is when a man looks at a woman for too damn long, thereby creeping her out. Most of the time, “The Stare” is a sure fire way to turn a woman off, except “The Stare” works wonders, when you’re about to have a first kiss.

How do you pull off “The Stare” on a first kiss? It’s really easy! Just follow these directions:

  • Let the conversation die off and look straight into her eyes.
  • Hold eye contact for three seconds, exactly.
  • Look down at her lips for a second, then look back into her eyes…
  • Smile, pull her waist closer to you, and lean in for the kiss…

Ask any woman: Pull this off, and it’s full of romance. Even though this same stare is “certified creepy as hell” from any man, ANY time before the kiss.

Stalk Her Like A Pro

Have you ever heard a woman go lust-crazed over a stalker? No way! Most women want to get rid of ANY man stalking her as quickly as possible. What does a stalker do? He follows her home! He waits for her to get out of work! He hangs around her too long, too often and at inappropriate times!

However, here’s how you can be her personal stalker and make your first kiss incredible:

  • After your first date, let her go inside. Wait for a few seconds, then knock on her door. When she answers, do “The Stare,” above.
  • If you guys are already really close friends who have “nearly kissed” a few times, show up waiting for her after work. (Somewhere outside, not in the building, not near her car) Tell her, “I spent the whole day thinking about you, and I had to give you something.” Kiss her. This works best after a night where you two “nearly kissed.”
  • Mid conversation during a date – when you think things are going really well – Give her “The Stare” from above. She’ll stop everything she’s doing, go quiet, and you’ll interrupt her with your first kiss! (Ask her to keep talking after it’s over, as if nothing extraordinary had happened)

These “stalkerish” times to kiss a woman will sweep your new girl right off her feet.

Play Mr. Nice Guy

What’s the clumsiest way to get a first kiss from a woman? Let her know what’s about to happen, RIGHT before it goes down. Because then she gets to think “OMG… He’s about to kiss me!”

When’s the best time to ask this question? Right when you’re busy being a Stalker, of course! Simply interrupt her conversation at dinner, then ask this:

  • “Would it be OK if I kissed you, right now?”
  • Wait for her answer – hopefully it’s “yes!” (In fact, never ask this question if you think the answer may be no…)
  • Then say, “Nah, I think I’ll wait.” And smile. She’ll go nuts! And you can kiss her any time later in the date by interrupting the conversation again and then just going for it.

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