4 Secrets To Great Kissing


Kissing tips are essential if you want to deliver a really excellent kiss. Here are the secrets you might be missing when it comes to kissing!

1. Women Love To Kiss

Certainly not the first time blokes heard of that one, women are nagging for it. But in spite of the flood of headlines for lip action, the response has come in short supply. Either that, or women just can’t get enough no matter what.

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Get this. For the ladies, kissing is enough. While guys tend to see kisses as prelude to hot sex, women have no qualms seeing it as an end unto itself. For them, a kiss need not lead to anything, it doesn’t have to be foreplay. It can be a stand-alone, pleasurable, loving act unto itself.

Now, tell that to a horndog and he’ll bitch about how women are a bunch of tease. The XY brain has difficulty processing how women stay happy with simple lip locks when it knows that sex is up for grabs. “Let’s use the bed for goodnessakes!” When one already knows the ruckus of intercourse, kissing, by comparison, becomes lame.

2. Let Kissing Be Enough For You

But here’s the thing: To become a great kisser, accept the real possibility that tongue action may be all you’re getting in a given night.

Go kiss, but don’t expect clothes to come afalling every time. Relish the lip action, relax your jaws, lips & tongue, and don’t think of anything else. Avoid thoughts of sex. This alone already makes you a better kisser. When you’re not wondering where that last condom is, you do better.

3. Learn To Get Good If You Aren’t Already

To be a good kisser is an imperative, there is no other resort. When it comes to liplocks, a woman never excuses the lame ones. She believes she can find out everything just from the way a guy smooches. It’s crazy! She thinks she has this lip-guided intuition – and sloppy kissers always go down the drain. A terrible smooch can change her perception of you.

And guess what, women read something into good kissers – that they’re also studs between the sheets. When she thinks this, you’re making it easier for her to go va-voom with your flow. So read up on some kissing tips and don’t be shy about it!

4. Create Sexual Tension

Now, the secret to a great kiss is the psychological set-up. There has to be some sort of sexual tension‘ before your lips touch. Only dive when there’s enough tension.

Again, this entails teasing, you have to make her want it.

There are several ways to achieve this. You can for example gently caress her cheeks, chin, lips or hair before the kiss. Or look longingly into her eyes and survey her face. Lean in as if to kiss her, then stop a few centimeters before your lips touch, breathe deeply and give her a sigh. Or prelude it by rubbing noses. With eyes closed, you can also nuzzle around the cheekbone, neck and below the ear zone. Set the kiss right so she’ll appreciate it when you finally let her have it.

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