The Right Way and The Wrong Way to Kiss a Woman


I got this email today from a good friend of mine and just had to share…

One of the things, unless we’re REALLY lucky in life, is that we are never taught exactly ‘how to kiss’.  Some get it and some don’t, but mostly we learn by trial and error.

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Knowing how to kiss a woman the right way will get you, well, anywhere.

Take just a minute right now and learn how to kiss a woman the right way so that she will be begging for more!   

She came up to me close and opened her mouth wide like a full-blown YAWN and tried to kiss (EAT!!) me! hahaha.  I physically closed her mouth down and said, "Lemme show you something" and then held her face in both hands and began VERY slowly suckling her top lip…then her bottom lip…then top lip…and an occasional tongue zing across both lips and back to the slow motion kiss while my fingers crept into her lovely hair and was gently massaging her head.

She was melting in my arms! (I have to say that NO ONE ever taught her how to KISS! She had tried to kiss like the peeps on TV or on some stupid movies—wide open mouth and no respect for the lips! Like two lamphreys trying to kiss!) hahaha.

She grabbed me and drug me onto the sofa inside her apt and we continued. At one point she came up for air and said, "Damn! I’ve NEVER been kissed like THIS before!" I said, "Well, hun, you’re hangin with da wrong people!" 

At this point, I gave her a little tongue and her back arched!…

OK, it was at this point in the email that my cheeks flushed, so I’ll leave the rest for your imagination…

Who’s knows if the story is true, but it makes the point…

Here are some great articles to help you on the path. Good Luck and Happy Kissing!

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